Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Bringing home the GOLD

Look Look Look! One of the Harlot's talented friends made us a medal!! In two sizes, even...one for the blog and one to print out and hang on the wall! I've printed out two..one for home and one for my cubbie at work.

And, last night in the comments on Steph's blog someone gave a link to an big article in a Toronto (I think) newspaper so I have printed that out too. Give some credence to this whole thing...my coworkers admire my bag but don't quite get the Olympics, I think.

I'd planned on working on the sock and doing another felting experiment this evening but unexpectedly I went shopping with my friend Mac and my 12 year old niece of choice. That girl can shop!! Went to Kohl's to get her new clothes for school since she's in a growing spurt. I need new clothes but nothing really screamed at me and what I really want is more yarn. I think this is an addiction, eh?

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