Friday, February 17, 2006

Hmmmm, I'm apparently not too good at posting. Not that tons of people are awaiting my most up-to-date message :-)

Knitting was going well, sort of. Apparently about 3 rows into the sides, I turned it inside out. So instead of a steady field of stockinette, there was a ridge of knit all around the bottom. I tried to convince myself that this ridge was a style element. Uh huh, sure. C'mon this is worse than straddling a gate (sorry Bode!) so Wednesday I ripped it out back to the base and started over. Much better looking and although I'm sure there will be glitches, at least I corrected something.

So now, it's still rather small but rolling right along. I didn't get as much done as I had hoped for last night because I kept stopping to watch that snowboard/ motocross thing. Amazing! I have loved all the snowboard events.

I got pictures developed. A whole roll of pics with maybe 3 good ones. Hopefully this weekend I can upload a couple. It's supposed to be icy here so I won't be running around doing errands.

Speaking of errands..I needed to add minutes to my Tracphone. got the card last week and did it over the phone one morning this week. But oops, the minutes didn't add...I've thrown the card away so now I have to go spend another $20 on the way to work. Note to self..keep the card until you know for sure it worked.

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~France said...

I think your posting is fine m'friend! And I love reading what you write!!