Monday, February 27, 2006

There....I don't know how to put my buttons in the sidebar so I'll just post them all in the post. At least I can see them I did find a book @ Barnes and that teaches you how to
make a good blog here so I think I shall order it later on this evening.

Friday I had a Dr's appt in the City. First time I've dared take my rattly old car out of town since it went wonky but it had to be done. Happy to say we made it there and back. Once the appt was out of the way I spent some time shopping! Woohoo! I had received gift cards from my dear friend/sister/twin Tam at Christmas time but hadn't been able to get over there to spend them. That's taken care of now At Michael's I got some Lion superwash wool...a sort of camel color, paint that will work on tiles...more about that later I hope, and some silk flowers for spring. At Pier 1 I got two small rugs that I use as covers on my trunk/coffee table and the top of my great hulking tv. One is aqua and the other sand.

Then, after lunch at Pizza Hut and stocking up on pet food at Petsmart, I went to Gourmet Yarn. Only one customer so I got to chat! And got some scrumptious yellow Plymouth acrylic/wool blend. That's what my cast on sock is made of. I'm hoping that by actually being able to see the stitches I can at last get farther than the ribbing LOL.

See ya later!

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