Monday, February 13, 2006

Playing catch up

Here I am back again. LOL for one thing, I forgot how to get here! I'd eMailed myself the link to the blog but not to the log-in place. Duh.

Thursday evening was spent doing grocery stuff and a bit of laundry. Had to have clean jammies for the opening ceremonies, ya know.

Friday I came home totally disgruntled about some work stuff. I was really glad I had the Olympics to focus on. At least I could be doing something instead of just thinking too much. And it wasn't anything I could do anything about anyway. we go!

I casted on and completed the base of the Booga bag. Took lots of pics a la Harlot but since I don't have a digital camera that will have to wait until I use up the film and get it developed. Mercy cat was ever so interested and helpful. Spent a great deal of time rubbing her chin on the yarn. I guess she is claiming it. And I wonder, will cat hair felt???

Saturday I cooked and did house stuff. Made a big pot of cabbage and dumplings, and then for supper I made hamburger steak. Oh, and made a pan of brownies. When the afternoon Olympics came on, I picked up the stitches around the base with the dpns. Well what a disaster that was. I kept losing them and something was just not right. So, pulled them out and tried to frog back. My frogging is a bit aggressive and I kept finding little places where I didn't like the look of the stitch so I ended up starting over! Eeek!

Went to bed Saturday night with 3 rows of the base done.

Woke up Sunday morning with a hellacious headache. All sinus, all on the left side. It eased off once I was up but kept me company the whole day. So knitting time was interspersed with little naps cuddled up to that scented flax (or whatever is in it) bag. I think that helps almost as much as anything.

I finished the base and then realized that I was supposed to leave it on the circs to pick up stitches. That done, off I go. Now I am confused again. The base (unfelted) is approximately 5x10 (34 rows). Now I am to knit for 64 rows for the sides. Well, knitting in the round produces stockinette stitch and 10 rows is approximately 2 inches. So the sides are going to be only maybe 8 inches tall? That's not right. I guess I will just keep knitting till it seems right. I'm tempted to order some Addi turbos. These circs (all $5) surely grab at the yarn where the cable attaches. We shall see. I got my check for 80% of my meds from the insurance company and my wish list at Knitpicks is already huge. And I may have to get more of the yarn for this bag.

And now it's Monday, and time to get into a cubicle frame of mind. Well, that's ok...I have knitting to think about.

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