Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I knew there was a reason

why I didn't Kitchener the toe on the first kool aid sock. Actually, I was just chicken so I put the stitches on waste yarn and waited for a few moments when I felt incredibly smart and calm. Fortunately, I guess, I never got to that space.

So, I'm just knitting happily on the second of the pair and just slid right through the heel and the gussets and heading on towards home plate...well maybe 3rd base. And then I realized...this heel looks NOTHING like the other one. Further investigation shows me that instead of following the directions to sl1, k1, I just knitted each stitch across.. And it ended up REALLY wide. Now I'm not sure why it ended up really long since I had the right amount of stitches on the sides to pick up. But it certainly makes clear why the sock just didn't fit right! However, since I didn't close the toes, I can frog it back to the bottom of the ribbing and try again. I'm gonna be working on these socks for the rest of my life I think.

What surprises me the most is that I'm kinda all right about it. Somewhere I have misplaced the "oh wtf through it in the trash and go do something else" part of me. Can't say I miss it tho.


sereknitty72 said...

How in the world did you dye that yarn with koolaid? I'm desperate to learn how to dye things--I've done some koolaid dyeing but the fiber i'm working with is grayish and the colors come out kinda dark. I'm a beginning spinner (read: thick and thin....)and covet your ability to spin sock yarn!

Anonymous said...

*Ouch* I HATE when that happens. I don't know what I'd do if that happened...maybe rip it back...maybe throw it in a basket to get back to later, if ever...good luck.

Susan said...

Hey Sere...most of it was a happy accident. I don't show the hideous stuff LOL. I'm using Knitpicks "Color Your Own" and it's a slightly cream color. Maybe I should get some gray yarn as I would like to make more deep colors. But I think I might just move on to some acid dyes when $$ allow.

And, as far as spinning are way ahead of me. I can't spin at all but I can sure entertain the cats with the spindle. I just got mine and would be really thrilled with thick and thin! I'd love to see some of yours!

Susan said...

Dave, I ripped it back last night and as far as I can tell didn't lose any stitches in the ribbing. Amazing if true, but time will tell. The only casualty was a brand new Crystal Palace size 1 needle that I was using as a stitch holder. It felt like it had something sticky on it and when I pushed it through so I could see it better it split all the way down! Good thing I only use 4 needles. I've had them for awhile but hadn't even gotten them out of the package. Rats!

~France said...

So which of those socks is the *right* one, and I don't mean as opposed to left!! LOL

Anonymous said...

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