Sunday, May 14, 2006

I've got yarn!!

Look what came in the mail yesterday!!! My wonderful dyeing secret pal sent this great yarn! It's the yummiest color ! I wrote and told her that it made me hungry LOL. It reminds me of hot summer days with berry stained lips and fingers...or maybe rhubarb pie! And I haven't had that in years! She also sent a little skein of some tasty Dreamsicle-y orangey/pinky yarn. Now I want ice cream too! AND 3 pair of dpns! The blue ones are so teensy! Lots of exclamation points here but I am so excited. I've had such fun eMailing back and forth with her. She's quite the one! I just had to knit up a swatch last night but I wanted to wait until this morning to take pics in the hopes that the colors would be more true. Oh, the carnation wasn't included...that was a freeby at the grocery this morning but it just went so well. And it all goes so well with the seat of that chair.

I regularly read a blog called Yarnstorm.

This lovely woman has the most beautiful posts. Her photos are incredible and I wish I actually knew her and her family. I can be ever so "jangly" and after reading about some cakes they made, or something she embroidered or her wonderful Jelly bean pillows, I'm just ever so relaxed. My humble abode is not at all like hers..and I wish it were. At least sometimes. Sometimes I wish it were a metro loft. Sometimes I wish it were a rustic cabin. Sometimes I wish it were filled with 1940s furniture and a big console radio with multiple bands. ( I can remember listening to foreign voices on such a beast and pretending that I knew what they were saying). Perhaps I need to live on a revolving stage set!

Last year, before I even knew Yarnstorm, I rescued an old wooden chair and spent a lot of time stripping it, reglueing and painting. When it came time to cover the seat off I went to Hancocks. I knew exactly what I was looking for. But this pale yellow fabric with big blowsy flowers reached out and grabbed me. (the top photo is truest in color)

And so it came home and became a focal point in my bedroom. The rest of the bedroom bears no resemblence. All the furniture is varnished wood and I would love to paint it...but after so many years of hearing "don't mess up the wood" it scares me. I think I shall start small..maybe the bookcase.

A couple of years ago I tore this picture out of a catalog that came in the mail. In real life, I would probably be horrified that the paint is peeling off the wall but somehow this picture says safety and comfort to me. Probably cause I had recently watched Under the Tuscan Sun :-) I can't really remember. The bed looks so soft and comfy. And I imagine what I would see if I walked across the room and looked out the window.

Heh...and yes I adapt well to reality. But still, it's ever so much fun to "just pretend"

I had to go to the store this morning to purchase flowers for my "Little Mother" who is 11 years old. When The Girl was small she spent a lot of time here. I am " the crafty part" of the Village that is raising her. At my house messes were acceptable but you must clean up afterwards. And spills don't count against you unless you did it on purpose. And there was always
a good supply of glitter glue and colored paper and watercolors and stickers and rubber stamps and soap to melt and pour. And dog cookies to bake (and at least for her, to eat). And books to read and lots of "just pretend". When we played house she was always the "Mother". Not only of whatever dolls and bears and dogs were participating, but also of me. It gave her a good chance to say all those motherly things like "I think you need a nap" "You better watch out or you're going to time-out" " Eat your sandwich and then you can have a cookie" As a joke one year I got her a Mothers Day card and a balloon. Everyone else thought we were crazy but as she was still quite young she accepted it as the right thing to do and a tradition was born.

We don't play house anymore but we still do "art" and make soap and dog cookies for Christmas. And she still, at times, gives me motherly advice. I was disappointed though when I found out that when I got "grounded" I still had to go to work. :-)

I asked her yesterday if she would prefer that instead of flowers, I took her to get a cd. She looked at me like I was crazy. She "didn't care...whatever you want, but remember it IS Mother's Day. So flowers it is.

While Mother's Day is a grand thing I believe there should be a day to honor those who unwittingly make a difference in your life. From the person who first told you you could "do it", to someone who answered a question when they really didn't have to, to hey...scoutj who added the wtf group to her Dye-O-Rama.

Happy day everyone!


Jay said...

I love that picture... the bed looks like someone has just tumbled out of it after a warm, cosy, safe night full of good dreams. And while I love the paintwork I have to admit I am a bit with you... I would probably be tempted to sand and paint it.
I love 'Under the Tuscan Sun'. Have you read the book? It is very different to the movie, and wonderful. Long and lazy and perfect for calming you when you are feeling a bit stressed.

Susan said...

Hi Jay!! Thanks for stopping by. I loved the book too. Actually I read it first and was happy to know that even tho they're different, they are both very good.

Off now to go visit you!

maverick said...

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