Tuesday, May 30, 2006

This and that

I think my dialup connection spent the holiday at the lake as if I could get connected, it wouldn't stay up. Maybe it needs some ED meds!

To me, Memorial Day is still Decoration Day so part of Sunday was spent cleaning and tidying and decorating at the cemetery. It was nice when I was out there if you didn't count the wind. A few trips back to make sure that things were still standing, followed by a wonderful meal of ribs, brisket and smoked turkey and roasted corn. Yum! Zoey was happy as I brought some rib bones home with me. She only gets one every other day since I don't want her to think that every time I open the door for her she'll get a treat. LOL

Yesterday was supposed to be an outside day...at least in the morning before it got too hot. I got just a little bit done before I ran back inside to get away from the biting flies! And that was AFTER I sprayed myself with repellent. I thought maybe I had missed a few spots so went to spray again and watched in amazement as a fly landed and bit in a spot shiny with repellent! So
some DeepWoods Off is on the list. I did take some pics though..I'm really fascinated with the macro mode.

This is some sort of wildflower (I prefer that to weed) that has volunteered in my front yard. I have about 3 different plants. It's an odd flower. Opens in the morning but is closed up tight by the time the sun really hits it. And when it goes to seed, it makes a HUGE puffball like a dandelion. About as big as a good sized orange.

And then there is always the prickly pear. Every year I say I'm gonna dig this thing out..and every year when it blooms I think "one more year" Or maybe it's cause I really don't look forward to the time spent with duct tape getting all the tiny little spines out of my skin. No matter if I wear long sleeves, long pants and gauntlet gloves, some of those ouchy things find their way to me!

There was also time spent playing/sorting fabric and thinking
about some ATCs that I need to make. And time spent knitting.
But no pics. Boring. However, the 2nd sock is done. And the first sock that got ripped back is halfway through the foot. Someday this will be a memory LOL

Have the best day you can conjure up!


~France said...

Sounds like your day was good [for the most part] and I'd guess the repellant you're using is NOT what you are gonna buy! LOL ... I can sure understand about the plant giving you a hard time, so I will wish you luck and protection when you decide to mess with her! Pretty flowers, eh?!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the one of the flower that had gone to seed.

Susan said...

Thanks Jessica! Someone told me that if you spray them with hair spray that comes in a pump they'll hold together better. I cut this one off, we shall see. I was trying to get it in front of a piece of black paper but somehow the black didn't quite show up. Sure had a lot of fun trying tho LOL

Susan said...

fParis,LOL no I think (hope) they still make Deep Woods Off. I always had good luck with that ...well once I quit coughing! I think a blow torch would be about the only way I could kill the prickly pear anyway. But it's a bitch to weed around. Heh...so I'm thinking if I let the weeds go I could name it a "nature preserve"

~France said...

And then they would let you burn it down?! LOL ... guess you just hafta use your longest handled forky-hoe, eh?

Anonymous said...

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