Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I'm backkkk

Yay...it went! So this Saturday I dyed another skein of yarn using the Wiltons colors. I just can't seem to get what I'm after but still have fun. I'm thinking that there might be a bit of acid dye in my future. I found a place with some really good information on using them..at least one brand.

Now I just have to decide which yarn to send her. Her blog is mostly not in English and since I've been unable to find a good translator I look at her pictures. It seems that she mostly chooses yarns that are rather muted in color so Indian Blanket may not be the best choice. Or should I call it Lantana? Anyway here are my choices..well not the flowers LOL .
They are the lantanas. The one in the upper left hand corner is mostly aqua and rose (was supposed to be red, blue and green and mine. But the green mostly disappeared. The top right reminds me of those little puffy after-dinner mints...light green, pink and white with a bit of green tossed in. She isn't fond of green but she said beer bottle green and I don't think this green resembles any beer bottles I've ever seen. Bottom right is the Indian Blanket/Lantana although in the ball it shows more of the orangey red. And bottom left is the same dyes watered way down. (waste not, want not) Heck maybe I will just send her two. IBL and the mutedy one that I dyed last weekend. It was a good day to dye...and an even better day to dry the yarn out on the line. Well, there's nothing quite like talking to yourself and then publishing it LOL. And now I'm going to go water some plants and then knit, knit, knit. Those koolaid socks are getting closer to being a pair and it can't come too soon for me!

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