Monday, May 07, 2007

A Bit of This and That

The sock is tinked back now and waiting impatiently for me to return. But I told it I really needed to get this post done since morning just wasn't a good time for computers.

No more rain today, and I think that's a good thing. Soccer fields looked like little ponds and the creek by my house was rushing merrily along when I left for work. I don't know of anyone flooded here but I'm sure that in some of the low places it was close. Over 3 inches of rain while I slept. And more rain for tomorrow. I'm thinking the drought is over.

Yesterday was just overcast and muggy as all get out. So I stayed inside and worked on the quilt aka Summer Cover. Thanks to Heather Bailey and her (to me) very clear instructions, the binding found its way and the cover is now on my bed. The bright blue something on the bed of my machine?? It's a piece of painter's tape being used as a seam guide. Hey, it could have been masking tape! At least this doesn't make everything all sticky.

I find it odd. I've always had one heck of a time getting anything bound. I've got books that explain, and leaflets and many printed out web pages. But for some reason, when I found Heather's, it finally clicked. Maybe it was the soft colors that relaxed my brain enough that it could finally 'see'. Who knows? I'm just thankful for it and for her.

The bed looks sort of wonky and it is. I needed a bit more padding for these sometimes creaky bones and I folded a double bed size fluffy topper thing in half and it's on the top 2/3 of my bed. So there's a definite dip in the surface at about knee space. /shrug. I just know I felt so clever when I got into bed last night and thought about the fact that I'd actually made my cover. Sprt of Laura Ingalls syndrome, I guess.

And some knitting was done as was noted in this morning's post. But some in this house have other ideas about this knitting business!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you are sewing on a Featherweight! I love mine, but rarely use it. (There will be space in the new place, though.) What year is yours? Mine is from 1952.

Susan said...

Mine, was made in '51. My daddy got it new for my mom and it made (along with Mama's help *G*)curtains, simple upholstery, and other house stuff as well as probably 90% of my school clothes and most of hers. I have another machine that has a few different stitches but I really don't enjoy using it like I do the Featherweight. It's never been idle for long.

Unknown said...

Aawww ... your kitty likes your yarn as much as you do!

Nice stuff (((friend)))

Devorah said...

WOW! It is so cool to sleep under something that you made. The quilt looks great and thanks to Dave I don't have to feel like a dork asking about the sewing machine. Congratulations!

Susan said...

Thanks Paris! Hershey is usually pretty good about not grabbing at the knitting but he does like to sleep with it.

Devorah, thank you. You a dork? Never ever!

Cookie said...

So glad that the rain stopped over there. I'm also jealous of your Featherweight. I learned to quilt the second time around on one and just loved it.

I'm happy to see Hershey is helping you with your knitting. :D

Sheri said...

Well, you are very talented! The quilt is great!!! The cat looks like he's using the skein of yarn as a pillow. awww
Sheri in GA

Susan said...

Cookie, the rain came back in torrents this morning. It's sunny now, but clouds are really building in the west. I love that machine. It's kind of like me...not real fancy, not real complicated. :) Come visit and I'll let you sew all you want!

Sheri, thanks. It's the biggest thing I've ever made. I'm quite sure that if it hadn't been for the fact that the squares came pre-cut it would have never been done. I'd get one pack..get them sewn together, go get another pack LOL. Those Moda fabric people really got my number!

Laura said...

Alrighty then! The quiltbinding instructions are so bookmarked by me. :D If I'd clean up my act on the cutting and learned how to bind, I'd be a decent quilter. Now, all I do is make those quilts that get you out of the mud when your truck is stuck. Ha!

I'm glad you all are ok over there. Mom and Dad had a tornado within five miles of their house, and my sister's inlaws live(d) in Greensburg. She had the Today show and GMA calling them to interview her in-laws. How they found her, I don't know.

You USE your Featherweight? Wow! I'd keep it polished and under glass. I'm glad you have it, look what wonderful things you turn out with it.

Susan said...

LOL Laura. I hate, hate, hate cutting out. I did find though that a new blade on the rotary cutter helps a lot!

Glad your folks are safe and OMG about your sis's inlaws! I just can't comprehend how I'd deal with not only the destruction of my home, but the whole town! sheesh!

My Featherweight would probably break the glass and escape. It's surely been a workhorse for such a little thing. I had to laugh...I'd sew a bit; rearrange the quilt AND pull the sewing machine back to where it started. At 11 or so pounds it tends to follow anything heavy. *G*


Rhonda said...

I love to see people actually using their featherweights! I took a paper piecing class at a quilt shop and my new digital machine malfunctioned, to which I ended up having to use the instructors 1950's featherweight. When he pulled it out, I thought he was kidding. I used it, got hooked, then promptly bought one on eBay...they are real workhorses!!Actually, soon I will have two (I bought a second one)--they are that neat! The quilters I know that have them, use the heck out of them.
I love the knitting and the quilting content on your blog! It is hard to find blogs with quilting content!