Friday, May 04, 2007

Quick Knitting Question

Circular knitting. Circumference about 19 inches. How long should my circ be?

Thanks and good night.


Elabeth said...
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Elabeth said...

16 inches. The rule is that it has to be no longer than the circumference. As long as you can cram the stitches on there you're fine. The circular needle just can't be longer than the circumferencee unless you're doing the magic loop method, but that's a whole other kettle of fish. :)

Devorah said...

Either shorter (16" or so) or much longer so you can do magic loop. Personally I favor 32" or longer and m-l since my hands hate the short needles on 16" circs.

Good Luck!

Susan said...

Wow...thanks! I don't know how to do magic loop. Guess I should do some investigating. I spent a lot of time last night rummaging around through books and google without getting a for real answer. Most were connected to patterns, and since what I was attempting had no pattern I was lost.