Sunday, May 13, 2007

Saturday Part 2

So, after I left the Rendevous, I decided on one more adventure. I was well over half way to Guthrie, and in Guthrie there is the bestest yarn store. It's probably about 60 miles from me and with gas so expensive, it's not usually an option. But hey, I was too close to miss it!

So, off I went. Katya, I forgot that the exit went off to the left! Yikes, I made it but I'm thinking that I will never forget that again. And I'm also quite thankful that my car actually stayed upright.

It's just a good thing I went to the restroom before I left the Rendevous! And all I could remember about the quilt shop you told me about was 'Stuckey exit' but after all that it's a wonder I could remember anything! Oh well, another road trip in the future!

So I get to SWAK on a mission. Remember back here I talked about sleeping through a tornado while dreaming about knitting a baby sweater??? Well, here's the sweater. And it's in this book.
Which I bought. So I can quit dreaming about it maybe. I'm not sure that I'll ever be able to knit's rather complicated to my less skillful mind. Sure is cute tho!

I also got a Fibertrends pattern for ballerina slippers. Close as I'll ever get to being a dancer, for sure. I've lusted after this for a long time. And there it was! And, of course I had to get yarn to go with it. So 2 skeins of Cascade and I'm good to go!

I came back home on state highways...those blue lines on the map. Good roads and incredible scenery. I tried taking pics of the horizon but I don't know how to make my camera do those long sort of pictures. There were places where, if my eyesight had been incredible I think I could have seen all the way to Laura's at least. As far as I could see there were gorgeous blue skies and white fluffy clouds in all directions. Amazing! It really needed a 365 degree lens!

Finally those blue highways led me to a Sonic for a burger, and home for a nap. Last evening was spent with new pretties and my sock. And bedtime came just in time. And, did I dream about the baby sweater?? Nope, I dreamt about a bologna sandwich. At least the grocery is easier to get to if it becomes a persistant dream. :-)

Oh...and Happy Mothers' Day to all you mothers and daughters and sons and sisters and friends.xoxox


Devorah said...

Dreams that end in reality are always a bit freaky to me. Glad you found the pattern! Many, many years ago I dreamed about an apartment and a weird occurrence on it's balcony. Three or four years later, when Mike and I first viewed this apartment, I looked at him and said "remember that dream? This is the apartment!" Some things are meant to be.

Glad you had such a great day! Are you playing with your spindle now?

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! That is so awesome that you found the pattern. Also that you didn't lose it making that turn. My Girl you need to be careful now!!!
OMG every once in a while I crave a bologna sandwich on the softest white bread with mustard. Mmmmm!!!!

Unknown said...

I can relate to that!!

So glad you had as much fun as you anticipated. Taking a wrong turn here and there just adds to the adventure, eh?

Susan said...

Devorah, I've dreamed a house. I've never, in real life, seen it. But if I ever do I bet I can show you all the little quirks in it. I'm glad you found the dream apt. You're supposed to be there! And yes, I am playing with the spindle. I played this morning, finished a sock and just put the spindle up for the night. *G*

Cat that's what I had for lunch...totally unhealthy but soooo yummy! That turn took away at least one of my nine lives. I was sooo not ready for it.

That it does, Paris. Especially when you survive it! Whew!

KatyaR said...

Sounds like you had an eventful afternoon! :<) Remind me sometime to give you the directions to SWAK from the second Guthrie exit, along with the directions to Sooner Quilts.

Susan said...

Katya, eeek yes! Turned out ok but I'd about decided I didn't need any yarn LOL. Good idea! Cause I want to save up some more $$ and go back!

Cookie said...

Sounds like a great trip out into the world. :D

Susan said...

Cookie, for mostly stay-at-home me, it was truly great. Who knew there was a world out there? Well besides work, library and grocery :-O