Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Good Mail,, Good News, Good Grief

Apparently I forgot to bring in the mail yesterday. Thank goodness it's well protected from the rain. Because look what was in there...oh wait, skip the PCH stuff and the bills. It's this I'm talking about. Very good mail!

Can you read the tag??? It's REAL cashmere! Whoa..I've never felt it before. It's incredibly soft and I love the color and it's way thin. Laceweight? Right now I don't even dare think about knitting it. Just fondling it will keep me quite happy for a long time. And a really cool card featuring Fort Washington Park in Manhattan. And I learned it was reclaimed by an organization founded by one of my favorite entertainers, Bette Midler. And last but not least, chocolate! Immediately after clicking the pic, I sampled it. Quite yummy! Devorah, you are such a treasure. Thank you so much for the yarn, the card and for listening me babble for a couple of weeks. It's not like you had nothing else to think about. :-)

Good news! My cardiologist's nurse called me and said that the measurements from the ultrasound show that Marge is at the very low end of the spectrum of these aneurysms. So, we shall just watch it. If I am having no problems, I won't have to have another ultrasound for a year. We'll watch my blood pressure and I shall continue in my quest for decent cholesterol and other good things.

And good grief! Lots more rain this morning. There are some flood pics here. I haven't looked at all of them, but #25 was taken at the lake here. There have been roads washed out and folks with very wet homes. I'm quite thankful that I live up the hill from the creek and incredibly thankful that my basement is still dry.

I was trying to take pics of the golf course across from where I work and accidentally clicked the camera when it was pointed at some rocks along the sidewalk. I like this picture a lot. They sure aren't this interesting when they are dry. And the rain and distance made my golf course pictures just kinda wet and blurry. Oh well, enjoy the rocks :)

Oh and before I forget. If anyone needs some Cascade 220, Webs has it on sale for $4.89. You can find it here.


Cookie said...

PCH? The Pacific Coast Highway sent you mail? :D

What a lovely surprise to find in the mail. Isn't the Mama Squid just fabulous?

I'm so glad you got some good news!

Likin' those rocks, too, and I'm glad you live uphill. *hugs*

Susan said...

Cookie, she really is! And the good news on the same day..well I'll just enjoy the both.

Laura said...

Hey! How are you after the winds that hit your area? I just saw it on the news.

Cool rock pictures. It's amazing how much spare change and cool pictures a gal can find by looking at the ground all the time.

Anonymous said...

I knew there was a reason we get along so well, besides that you are an awesome person. I soooooooo love Bette Midler.
I am so glad that Marge is on the lower end - good vibes continue coming your way.
Oh I might get silk worms. I should call you and pick your brain but I won't get home until 9 tonight.

Devorah said...

I'm glad that Marge is not large! Knit Happy!

Susan said...

Cat, it was such fun to visit with you last night. And I wish you tons of luck with your silkworms. A lot more than I had. And, if I find out what's up, I'll let you know.

Devorah, thanks! I shall. I know for sure that my knitting brain is engaging much better this week. A dang good thing that I didn't try to knit lace *G*