Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Good Stuff!

Hi! I'm awake and alert! What a concept. Much of yesterday was a nap, I think. Certainly the afternoon was. One of the folks at work brought me lunch and I think she must have put in some sleeping medicine. I did accomplish something other than feeding cats, dogs and worms.

A couple of weeks ago, I sandwiched my quilt top with it's batting and backing using spray basting. (Love that stuff at least the brand I used). It's been rolled up on a mailing tube waiting to be tied and I decided that yesterday was the day. So with pearl cotton, needles, scissors etc next to me I spread it out over me and working from the middle out, I got it tied. This is what I looked like for much of the day. And, when the yawns would overtake me, I could just slide down a bit and snooze already covered. :-D My feet are sticking up because hey, I have a loveseat and I'm longer than it is.

And, there are new things in my home. Cookie was kind enough to shop for some sock yarn for me. I want to try Sockotta and my LYS didn't have any and wasn't sure if she would be getting any. My color is and white and orange. Yum! Cookie's LYS though seems to have a wonderful selection and she shipped a skein to me. My color is and white and orange. Yum!The fun part was it arrived just after I got home on Monday. The Hello Kitty bag was from her also. It's sooo cute and will be put to good use. Thanks Cookie! It even outranked my great deli box lunch that the facility provided.

I stopped at Barnes and Noble before the test, and yay they had the newest copy of Simply Knitting!! I was so excited! With the value of the $ dropping, it gets increasingly more expensive to order it from Britain. And the project bag on the left was the freebie packaged with the magazine. The kitty? Well there is a bit of a confession attached to it. When I'm extremely stressed or scared, I find it quite comforting to have something soft in my hand. I'm a bit old for a blankie LOL, and this works and if I'm not really obvious, nobody really notices. Maybe it comes from years of sleeping with a cat on my arm. Anyway, I had the perfect softie to take with me. A wee little lamb, that when in my hand is completely covered. But, egads! Halfway over there I discovered that I'd forgotten it! This kitty is obviously a bit bigger than I usually use, but she was on sale...and she fit in my bag. So once I got in my little room, I had my new magazine, my knitting, and a soft thing to hang onto. Safe space indeed.

And the last good thing? When they did the test they discovered an abdominal aortic aneurysm. Why is this good? Well, because there was no clue it was there. And it could cause major major problems in my knitting/sewing/happy life. Friday, I shall have an ultrasound to accurately measure the size and that will determine how they treat it. Mine is rather hourglass shaped...reminds me of an insect thorax or something. I think I shall name it Marge. That sounds like someone who could either me quite nice, or a real b*tch. Should know next week what the plans are.

And now I shall go gather some leaves for the worms, have a shower and then figure out how I will entertain myself today!


Devorah said...

Glad to see that you are recovering. The quilt looks great! Keep resting and good luck on Friday.

Cookie said...

I think that yarn will be more fair isle than stripy. I can't wait to see how it works for you. You're welcome, sweetie. I'm so glad it arrived on the right day.

Pretty quilt!

I hope you're napping again today. *hugs*

Unknown said...

Best of EVERYthing sweetee ... take care and keep us posted!!

Sheri said...

Well, you're just going thru all kinds of fun things huh? Good luck on Friday! I'll be sending good vibes again.
Love the quilt - glad you finished it. Your toes are cute too.
Sheri in Ga

Susan said...

Devorah thanks. Now I just have to get the binding on so I can sleep under it every night!

Cookie, I really planned on a Sockotta marathon this afternoon but unfortunately I ended up in dreamland instead. It's still on the table looking pretty.

Thanks Paris, I will.

LOL Sheri, Friday should be a breeze. Won't have to wait long for breakfast. Yay. And totally non-invasive. Maybe I'll even be able to cop another nap.

Laura said...

I always vote nap! I love them.

All this activity in your life and yet, you manage to go to the post office and drop off a package for an undeserving friend. How DO you do it? ;)

Right now I'm wishing I was THREE weeks premature, not just two. Ha!

You will tell us Friday how everything is, won't you. (Notice, it WASN'T a question.)

Susan said...

Laura, oh good you got it! Like it? LOL it helped me keep hold of my sanity such as it is. And I'm sorry it was late...or early. Give me some help here *G* And you are NOT undeserving!

Yeah, I'll post Friday but it won't be until I get home from work.

Ann said...

Tell MARGE to get the feck out of there!

Unknown said...

Naps! Love'em!! And I believe we should take as many as we feel are necessary!

Like Mark Twain said: "I have never taken any exercise seriously 'cept sleeping and resting." I totally agree!

Good vibes being sent your way (((((friend)))))

Anonymous said...

That Kitty is SO darn cute. but .. would you be offended if I had "Marge be gone" thoughts? Be well, think yourself well, hon. *sending lots of hugs and loves*

Susan said...

No Sprite, I'd be delighted if your "Marge be gone" thoughts worked! Loving all this hugging! :-)