Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A Good Night's Sleep

That's what I had last night. That isn't unusual as I rarely have trouble sleeping. However, last night I slept through the tornado that hit my fair city!

First I knew about it was on the morning news. Duh! There is a siren a block from me and I'm told it was screaming for what seemed forever. Trees bending way over...big wind...and me snoring I guess *G* And I guess all the neighbors were out and about...and thought I was in the basement. Nope, just dreaming about knitting this baby sweater I saw online LOL The east side of the residential area got hit a lot worse than our side. Lots of tall stately trees are now stumps. It's sooo sad. The neighborhood that I lived in as a teenager had trees that almost went across the street like an arch but no more. Lots of business damage on the edges of town and tractor/trailer rigs tumped over on the interstate. In my neighborhood, there are some limbs down and trampolines in odd places and carports missing, and the sign at the Sonic DriveIn is pretty much gone and that's only about 2 blocks from me. But here at Casa Pobre, all seems to be no different than before. Perhaps the weather goddess looked down and thought that it was so pitiful nobody would notice if it were damaged. So I'm quite the lucky one! And the town was too. No injuries other than scrapes and stuff from the cleaning up. Even the truck drivers were ok!

There are some pics here. I'm not sure what all they show, it loads slow on dial up and I got tired of waiting. If you go there, in Step 1 chose News, and then in Step 2 chose the tornado.

Heh, and now a severe tstorm is headed this way so I have to shut down again. Maybe I'll have a nap :-)


Anonymous said...

OMG, as crazy as it sounds, I can understand that. When I'm talking on the phone, people are always commenting on "all the noise". I don't even realize that there are fire engines raging by the window. After all these years of living on the engine route, you don't notice them any more. But a t'nado? That's a little tough.
Glad you're ok. :)

Unknown said...

Likewise! I'm glad too! Stay safe (((((friend))))) ... take care and stay healthy!!

Cookie said...

You are a very good sleeper. I'm so glad that you and the furbabies are alright. *huggles*

Susan said...

Dave, isn't it interesting how our brains process and either ignore or pay attention to what's going on around us. Clever things, those brains! When my mom got her first hearing aids she was quite upset about how noisy life had become. Apparently after over a week of storms, my brain clicked into ignore phase.

Paris, I do try. But sometimes good dreams just take over *G*

Cookie, obviously the furbabies were as ignorant of what was happening as I was. My old dog (now in puppy heaven) was absolutely terrified of storms after a bad experience. She would have never let me sleep through it. Actually, she wouldn't have let me sleep through the past week.

Unknown said...

Sometimes I sleep thru my [phone ringing] alarm, 'cuz I dream that a phone is ringing and nobody can get it to stop! HA! Even pulling the cord from the wall!

I know animals sense danger far before it's upon us! I wonder if [in your dream] your babies were running around crazy, while you knitted the baby sweater?! LOL

Sheri said...

Good grief! Maybe it skipped you cause you've been thru enough already this week. How scary!!!! I don't "do tornadoe's", they're too powerful. Not sure how you stand it.
Sheri in GA

Susan said...

Paris, the babies weren't in the dream and they ...well, Mary, was unusually quiet all night. She usually wakes me up at least once.

Sheri, maybe so. I guess it's because I've been here so many years. I personally find hurricanes and earthquakes much more terrifying. This was a really weird deal. Because usually you can sense when the weather is way 'iffy' and certainly my back usually lets me know something's coming. I totally missed it. However, when I went to bed two different weathermen said that they felt we would have thunderstorms but not bad stuff. At least that's what I heard. And then, I needed to dream about that sweater LOL

Susan said...

Oh and on a side note, one of the businesses hit was a bread store. A big place where you can buy day old bread and cookies and stuff. I talked with a friend whose partner works (or worked eek) in that area and she said the road was covered with Twinkies!