Monday, October 22, 2007

One afternoon last week, a nurse out in the field called in to tell us the weatherman on the radio was reporting a wall cloud with some circulation just west of us. Aha! Photo op! But it didn't develop farther until after it had passed us by. Others got damaging winds etc. We had sunny skies.

Well! This is no way to reward me for a hard day's work. It was supposed to be a quiet evening with football and wool. (Maybe football and quiet is an oxymoron) As I sat all curled up with two of the cats and a screwed up sock, my concentration was broken by the sound of hail on the house. A LOT of hail. But intrepid photographer must go out to take pics. It's amazing how many pictures you can take that don't work. This one, for example. Perhaps though you can get the idea of hail that's piling up! My time was limited though by the fact that reallllllly cold rain was soaking me to the skin. And mobility limited by the fact that a lot of little hail is just as slippery as snot. And scuffy houseshoes are not the attire of choice.

A reward though. I dug out some really warm jammies and had a mug of hot chai. Couldn't wear them wasn't at all cold inside. But a nice idea for a little bit.


Devorah said...

You know ... if you want better photos of hail on your car ... you have to get a different color car! ;-)

What's a "wall" cloud?


Susan said...

Sorry to not have answered you sooner..things have been wonky here. A wall cloud is sort of a big mess of cloud with some circulation in it. In other words, could become a tornado.