Saturday, August 19, 2006

Saturday without Sky

It's too early for Saturday Sky. I can see the moon in all it's sliveriness, and the sky is lightening, but not enough to show much in my viewfinder.

Soon, I will be outside weedeating. I am hoping that the physicalness of making things look a bit neater unlock my brain a bit. I sat down to knit on the socks last night and realized it was if I were sitting down to do a task. I don't want it to be like that. So back in their bag they went. The week was one of hurry up, and I want the weekend to be without deadlines.

I wish I had a month off to clean thoroughly and to have all the time in the world for projects. Alas, that's not going to happen so I'm going to pretend that I have all the time in the world this weekend and see what happens. Hopefully it doesn't turn into Nap Fest!

I want to do some sewing. I really WANT to sew, and I have some projects that it would be lovely to have complete. But I also want to experiment a bit with fabric for an idea I had. So that may go to the head of the list. Oh wait...there isn't supposed to be a list LOL.

We shall see. Now it's time to get into my grubbies and head outside before the sun warms things up way too much. Be back later!


Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the sewing. I want to make some new floor pillows. And new curtains for the livingroom. And some other fun and goofy things. Just to sew for sewing's sake.

Anonymous said...

I hope the weekwhacking went smoothly. That's my plan for tomorrow.

I think there's something going around. Even I feel like sewing. *L*

Susan said...

Dave, did you get to sew today? My little Featherweight has been just chugging along. It's happy to be out of it's case and would be even happier if the Mercy cat would quit unthreading it.

One of these days I'd like to try sewing on one of those fancy machines they have at the quilt shop but they're awfully intimidating I think.

Susan said... you think it's a sewing virus? Infecting knit blogs? Have you got a project in mind? or are you just in the thinking-about-it phase?

Ann said...

So that is why I felt the need to pull out my sewing maching and piece that little quilt today.

I think I just needed a break from knitting and the needles...