Monday, August 14, 2006

This is the Yarn that Dave Made

Wow! I picked this out Saturday morning, and it arrived at my house this afternoon, smelling lovely with the enclosed lavender. And can you believe this yarn? I had all intentions of picking out a multi colored skein but this one spoke to me. And I really do need blue socks! I took several pics but found it difficult to get one that shows the depth of color. I just hope maybe you got to see it at Cabin Cove. If I had more needles I think I'd start them right away. But perhaps it's better just to cuddle with it for awhile. And besides, I would really like to do something special (but not too hard LOL) with it.

Thank you Ann, and thank you Dave! Gotta run. We're having thunderstorms and it's cooler! Oh fraptious day!


KnittyOtter said...

Oooo I bet my yarn is waiting for me at the posty office! :D (I ordered some Saturday morning as well.)

I love that color. So faboo!

Ann said...

I received mine in the mail today too. He must have attached some sort of rocket to the package to get it here so fast.

I am glad you found something you liked at the shop, what's not to like there? Excellent choice, I thought about getting that yarn myself!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that DID get there fast. Gotta love the folks at the USPS. And youse guys are the best, too!

Susan said...


I really didn't think it would get here that quick, but hope springs eternal so I ran home in the middle of the afternoon to check...and there it was! I took the package back to work to open so my coworker could share in my excitement. She found it almost unbelievable that a person (as opposed to a factory) could create such loveliness.

Susan said...

What did you get Otter? I want to see everyone's choices LOL nosy me!
Hope it's just sitting there saying "Otttter, come get me!"

Susan said...

Ann, actually I wanted it ALL! LOL. And that silk is to die for, although I don't think my skills are quite at that level.

What did you get???

Laura said...

Sometimes, I try to avoid Dave's shop and Blue Mountain Fiber Arts. The longing to buy everything on the website is too much. I'd go ahead and buy whatever I wanted, if I were down to my last 500 skeins in the stash. ;)

Susan said...

Wow Laura! That's some stash! I'm impressed. I haven't ever been to Blue Mountain. Oh good somewhere else to drool at LOL