Monday, August 21, 2006

That Does It...It's Time!

for some major decluttering around here! I wonder if Flylady would make a house call? It's not just one room, it's everywhere.

Early in the summer, I purchased some little charm packs from my local quilt shop. 5" square of fabric all from the same collection. The plan was to make a very simple summer cover. Just sewing the squares together, then backing them with muslin and tying. If there were any batting it would have to be something really thin and light. So I brought them home and spread them out and decided I really wanted something else in with them. I investigated and discovered that there was a charm pack of plaids that went with them. I waited to see if the LQS would get them too, but they didn't. The other day, while counting can money, I realized that I had enough $$ to order the plaid pack online. So I did. And today it arrived. Woohoo.

So I raced through supper and dishes while my regular cover was in the wash. The back of it is just white, so I thought I'd spread it out with the back side up for a neutral and have a lovely time arranging all the little squares just so, then kinda bundle them together for sewing. Cover got dry...I spread it out. Tossed the plaid squares on there and went to get the others....uhhhh where the ^$^&$$#@ are they? I knew exactly where they were! I'd made a pillow from some yardage of the same collection and those scraps were there. But the little charm squares? Nowhere to be found.

I consulted Cookie (just cause I ask her lots of questions about knitting, I thought I'd try). She said they were on top of my jewelry box. Nope. I thought maybe they were in the closet with my yarn. Nope. (but all the yarn is sorted *G*). I thought maybe it was on the shelf with some other fabric scraps left over from sewing projects. Nope, but that's all put away. They are just hiding very well!

And I realize that this place is a mess. Not really dirty but there is just too much stuff..or something. So, since several of my coworkers are on a diet and I'm not, I'll just put my house on a diet. And maybe, just maybe these little guys will turn up. :::crossing fingers:::

Now, I'm going to go knit on my socks. I DO know where they are. Thank goodness.


Laura said...

I feel your pain! I've been decluttering Fry's room and my papers until I'm half-crazed.

Isn't Flylady fun? A little goofy at times, but those daily clean up missions are great. Getting routines set up was the best thing I ever did for us.

Devorah said...

They are under something. I recently discovered that the best way to accidentally hide an item was to let a piece of paper float on top of it. Very clever disguise! (Let me know if I am correct. And then please tell me where the receipt to my new camera is ... ;-)

Susan said...

Laura, I usually have a shiny sink but I guess I've let the rest of it go. And then it seems so overwhelming. I did sort out 3 drawers this morning. OK so I cheated, they really weren't in bad disarray and I only found one thing to throw away but at least that's 3 drawers down LOL

Susan said...

Geez Devorah...under a piece of paper? That could include every flat space, I think LOL. But I know what you mean. I spent some significant time recently looking for a ruler. I found it under that paper that I was going to use for the diagram! Sheesh!

Is your receipt in your backpack?

I promise I'll let you know when I find this stuff/

~France said...

Hhmmm ... did you check underneath the cover? HA! I do that all the time! You wouldn't believe how many things are missing, yet in that *safe, perfect place* LOL

It's so unlike you to let your house go ... I bet it's 'cuz you have been having too much fun with your *projects*

Anonymous said...

Under your jewerly box? ;^)

Anonymous said...

Did you maybe spread them out on the bed, and make the bed OVER them? (Ask me how I know that one.) Sounds like you either need to clean house or take some vitamin B for memory. (Again, ask me how I know.)
Did you find them yet?

Susan said...

LOL Paris...that's it...that damned safe place. The house looks clean and is dusted and such. It's just that there is too much stuff, so some stuff obviously got stuffed in the wrong place LOL

Susan said...

Cookie, I've moved the jewelry box several times thinking maybe the fabric would just appear. So luck.

Susan said...

LOL Dave, maybe both. I have an area where I keep project stuff that is still lacking something i.e, I need thread to match or something like that. And I know that's where they were. I remember them being there, except now they are not.