Sunday, August 13, 2006

Weird Sunday

It started out normally enough. Then we had a waterline break in the street right outside so I got to watch giant equipment make big holes in the ground. And to learn just how thin streets are. And how you fix really old water lines. I feel redeemed since I used a similar tactic to fix plumbing in an old house I once lived in.

I needed to go to Walmart to get some ribbon so I could tie up my Favorite Color Pals package and all of a sudden the biggest truck and the digger thing left (must have been lunch time) so I scooted out and made a quick trip. Of course there was no help in the fabric dept. So off to automotive so they could page someone. On my way back to the cutting table I walked past a double stacked rack of fabric and a partial bolt of denim leapt off and hit me right in the nose! OMG I thought I was going to throw up. Nothing got broken, and I just have a red mark where my glasses dug in, but it feels like it's huge LOL. Left me with a nagging headache...well, nose ache...and a grumpy attitude so I didn't work on my 2nd sock. Instead I am knitting a "warshcloth" on sock needles cause it was too much trouble to go find long ones. And the reason for the pic is that I want you to see the nifty dpn holder Ann sent in my package. It was there in the pic but you can't tell what it is. There's elastic in between those green caps so it holds all the needles in a little bundle and no more will I find half my stitches in the bottom of the sock bag.

Time to finish watching the game and head for bed. Ya know, it's still hot...102 here this afternoon, but the light is changing. It's starting to at least look like fall is around the corner.


Ann said...

Darn, you poor thing..some days you just need to stay inside all day and knit--to protect yourself.

Something interesting about that cool green hold the stitches on the dpns thing. When I e-mailed the company to order those...they sent them out to me and put an invoice in the package for me to pay after I received them. How trusting is that?


Anonymous said...

Sounds dangerous out there! falling fabric and 102 degrees! Turn up the AC and knit! I can't wait for the fall! Our apples are almost ripe and our pear tree is full of pears and I'm so looking forward to making apple/pear sauce!

Susan said...

Wow Ann, that's amazing! I didn't know anyone did business that way anymore!

Susan said...

Ummmm yum! That sounds most delicious. If I move just down the road from you, can I help and share? *G*

~France said...

(Victoria ... Susan luuuuvvvs pears!!)

Susan ... bummer 'bout you getting bonk'd by that fabric, and glad there wasn't any major damage! Now didn't you say that things *jump out at ya* when you should buy'em? LOL ... did ya buy any? Did they give ya any? :o)