Saturday, November 10, 2007

Felting Fun

The have-to-be-done stuff was done quickly today, and then it was time to felt those sweaters that Paul sent me. Actually the process started a day ago but there was a wee glitch. I always put the items to be felted in a zip up cotton pillow cover so that all the resulting fuzz pellets won't end up clogging the washer. It never occurred to me that one might someday come unzipped and the sweater in all it's shedding glory would be freed. Until Friday morning that is. And bein's as it was being such a cra**y week, I shut off the washer and went quietly off to work.

So last night I scooped out water by pitcher and poured it through a strainer into a bucket and then refilled the washer at it's lowest setting. Aha..left alone, the fuzz floated to the top and I was able to scoop the last bits out.

Not much more progress last night since I crashed very early and slept through until 2 AM. At that time I watched a bit of the goofiest movie and went to bed for real. 2 AM was just too early to get up.

This morning, just barely up before daybreak, and the regular laundry was done quickly and then it was back to felting. The green sweater felted the most, and I'm noticing that for some reason the sleeves of the tan sweater aren't as felted as the body. I don't quite know what to do about it though.

Oh and look at my new helper. I'd been looking at it at the W*Mart, as the laundry stuff is right across from cat food. I couldn't really justify it for drying socks so I do them one pair at a time and they dry on the cookie rack cooler thingy. But now...tada! From this..

To this..

And on the bottom shelf hiding away are socks and tennis balls. This would be really nifty if it weren't in the 70s and the heat was on. A nice fit over the vent, I'm thinking. And since you can take the mesh "shelves" off (although it will fall over if you took off the cross bars that hold them), it would work for drying bags that need to stand up on their cereal boxes. A good investment, I'm thinking.


Devorah said...

Bags standing on their cereal boxes? Huh? Felted bags?

Susan said...

Devorah yes, like tote bags. When I made my Booga bag the only 'form' I could find that it would fit well over for drying was a big cereal box.