Friday, November 09, 2007

No Rabbit For Me

Work continues, for me at least, to be ummm difficult. And I am the happiest girl to know it's Friday! I'm surely hoping that a great attitude adjustment can happen over the weekend. Running errands, cleaning house, doing laundry and playing with fabric and fiber has never sounded so good!

Yesterday I had high hopes that my fast fingers would secure me one of Julie's Little Cotton Rabbit. I've saved up and the cash is in what I call my little bunny bank although it looks more like a fruit jar. Alas, my fingers weren't quite fast enough (I was #2 on one tho) so I shall just content myself with reading this story! Some people are soooo very talented and isn't it just awesome that they share themselves with us????

Last night I was supposed to be getting together with some friends for fibery stuff and chat and tea. I was so tired and what I really wanted to do was cover my head with a blanket and sleep. However, since I'm so thankful that once a month we do this I thought I could at least make an appearance and then leave early. Ha! Of course that didn't happen. By the time I had been there 10 minutes I was revived and laughing and all busy with show and tell. My friend that got me started on the penny rug was seated next to me, and happily petted the new wool from Paul. :-)

So all's well that ends well's FRIDAY!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy life, work is just a four letter word for making living possible. (among other epithets) Jill

Susan said...

Jill, this week for sure. It ended better so I have hope for next week.