Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thrummed Socks?

Sometimes when there is a weather change coming, my feet along with other parts of me become quite uncomfortable. And regardless of the season, what they want are "fat socks". Now obviously that's a little odd in July..but oh well, I'm a little odd most months.

At work, my woolen socks are good and if I plan what I'm doing, I can manage to stay at my desk for a good period of time with my shoes off and feet out of sight. My feet are never really excited about shoes.

But recently, while doing mitten research, I became interested in the idea of thrummed socks..even if I had to just haul in a thermos of tea and everything I might need for a couple of hours so I could wear them and stay on the couch at home.

In reality at home...oh I am so ashamed...I wear el cheapo acrylic (probably) fat socks like you find hanging on an end cap at a big box store before Christmas. They're soft...I can wander outside in them and get them filthy and throw them in the washer. And, if they get a hole, who cares??? I am too fond and proud of my handknit woolen socks to treat them like that.

So, this past weekend, I purchased two new pair of these non-fashion items for like $2.99 for both. One a solid color, the other had a pattern. My knitting mind couldn't wait to get the little cardboard things out so I could see. Were these stranded??? How did they do this? this?

And yes, you can pull out each little strand. I guess that's so the foot part will be warm and the top part will be air-conditioned??

Be safe. Have a good Wednesday!


Sara said...

I;ve been feeling like I want to crawl out of my skin lately...WTF???

Devorah said...

Hmmm ... interesting sock.

You know ... the nice thing about wearing out handmade socks is that you then have to be more. *g* That's my stand and I'm sticking to it. Yes, I take the garbage out in my handknit socks -- and no shoes.

Susan said...

Sara, a metamorphosis happening in your space?? Physical or emotional?
Hmmmm. Keep me posted, k?

Devorah, I like your idea! I do have one pair that I don't treat special. The first sock weight socks I made. Knitpicks dyed with easter egg dye. Faded on one side of each sock because I dried them outside once. Felted on the bottoms. Kind of like wearing woolen foot armor and yet ever so soft.