Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Moon Preface

It's sooo bright outside tonight. The moon has a ring not only right around it but another one way farther out. Either my less than sophisticated camera or my less then really good photography skills make for a rather grainy indistinct image. But in real life, it's awesome. So put on your imaginary glasses and erase the graininess and sharpen the sky between the moon and the outer ring. Right now I am especially thankful for the friend that gave me the head's up on it and for having my digital camera so at least I know if I vaguely got it.


Sheri said...

So, what does a ring (or two) mean around the moon in OK? When I lived in RI it meant snow coming the next day. Does a double ring mean a blizzard? I miss the snow, but not the cold.
Hope you had a terrific Thanksgiving.
Sheri in GA - where an orange moon means hot tomorrow but I've never seen a ring around it.

Susan said...

Well Sheri, it did snow a bit but certainly not a blizzard and absolutely nothing here. I've not seen a ring like that before and I just knew they would talk about it on the weather..but nada. :-( I hadn't heard the orange moon info before...I'll have to watch next summer. If I don't forget. My mom always said if you had a quarter moon standing up it would rain ..if it was more tipped back, the rain wouldn't spill out of it. Or, if it rains when the sun is shining, it will rain at the same time tomorrow. And I've seen that work. Maybe we should just skip weather on tv. *G*

Beckys Bucketlist said...

Hi great readinng your blog