Monday, November 12, 2007


First of all, the little homemade felt dried..the middle is very strong, the edges where it's thinner..not so. I tried taking a pic of it but the colors were allll wrong. Maybe before I leave for work it will be light enough.

But the yikes is for something totally different. Yesterday when at the yarn store for things they didn't have, I did get a copy of Knit Simple. I mean..I was there, I had to shop, right?? And Sara, no this isn't the same mag we were talking about on the phone.

I'm glad I got it. There was a very interesting article about Alan Dart who does a ton of toy patterns for Simply Knitting (Sara..that's the one :) )I really knew nothing about him because when I googled, I got links to patterns that people were selling on ebay. Never my gnomes pattern though. /insert sad face.

It also had a feature about an afghan made of squares. And in each square was a different sheep done in intarsia. Or I suppose you could convert it to afghan stitch and cross stitch them on. I wasn't at all familiar with the yarn, so off to Google again. I found the first one listed and quickly decided that this project in this yarn was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of my price range. But because I like to torture myself I kept clicking and found this site. Apparently this was published before. Neat, eh?? But I think it's got room for a lot of possibilities in the little blocks..and the charts are in the magazine.

I've put this off long enough. It's Monday, and I must get ready for work so that the weekend will get here sooner. Hope today treats you very very well.


Anonymous said...

Damn I wish I could remember where I put that gnome pattern. Grrrrr!! for getting old. I promise though as soon as I stumble across it again you will get copies.

Susan said...

Oh Cat...we must be twins! Perhaps you put it in a "safe space". I just spent a good part of this morning searching for a crochet pattern I've downloaded at least twice before. Gave it again and then almost immediately stumbled across two other copies. Maybe because it is a baby afghan and it was clipped together with some hat patterns??? /sigh!

Sara said...

Knit Simple - I've seen that one at Wal-Mart...but, I've never looked at, it has a pattern for cute little sheep in it? What issue is it? I'll go look at it and see if it's something I want to try...

Why am I suddenly getting to like sheep and alpacas? what's with that????

Sheri said...

Cute afghan, but then, anything with sheep is cute, right?
Good luck in your pattern search.
Sheri in GA

Susan said...

Sara, it's a pattern for an afghan that's made of knitted blocks and each block has a different sheep on it..sort of like cross stitch but it's knitted in. It's in the holiday issue. Has a lady on the front wearing a white sleeveless hoodie over a long sleeved red sweater. The afghan is on page 55.

Sheri, exactly! My goodness, there are a lot of ideas in the world. I think what I need to do is set up a database for what patterns are in what magazines. So often, I remember one but finding it again is almost impossible. Only problem is that me and Excel are like fire starter and a match. Oh well. :-)