Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Wooly Wednesday

When I left work today, I just wanted to come home and hide under the covers. It was NOT a very good day. Actually it ended up really grim. However, there was a surprise awaiting me on my front porch.

Paul was very kind and found some felted wool for me at Rhinebeck! When we chatted before he went, I said that I was looking around here in thrift stores for woolen sweaters that I could felt but they seem to be few and far between..or non-existant in this area. So not only did he send me the felted wool, but also two of his very own sweaters that he no longer wore. I feel really badly about felting them but I shall overcome those feelings because I really really need some bigger pieces of fabric.

The felted sheets are an alpaca/wool blend and they are sooooooooo soft. And I'm really amazed. They are just like a nice woolen fabric..but totally different from the pieces I got at that guy that vendored at our fiber thingy. See how these are sort of puffy and you can see needle puncture rows? It's a solid just looks all different. Is this fun or what??

The wool was wrapped neatly in tissue with a piece of heavier paper over the top. And look what the heavier paper was! I'm going to be shopping for a poster frame this weekend. Way cool!

Only one small ummm, challenge perhaps. It seems that Hershey is inordinately fond of the darker piece and was doing his best to appear immoveable. Too bad's mine, all mine! Thanks loads Paul!!


Anonymous said...

Isn't Paul a sweetie!!!! I am so glad that you were able to get your felted pieces.

Lots of hugs!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey there! I'm glad you finally got it and you're happy with the felted wool. And yes, they are a blend of wool and alpaca, and I hope they are what you want to work with. And have fun felting the hell out of those sweaters! I can't wait to see what you do with them! Oh, and I put the New York calendar page at the bottom of the box because there was quite a big space in the bottom between the flaps, and I wanted to woll to be a little bit more enclosed. If you'd like the rest of the calendar, I'll send it to you - the prints are very cool.

Anonymous said...

You lucky woman! I scored a few small pieces of wool felt while up in Salem a few weeks ago. I'm looking forward to your adventures so I can learn me a thing or two. So, don't forget to document your journey.

Cookie said...

What a lovely package!

I can't wait to see what you do. Could you bribe the kitty off the wool? ;^)

Devorah said...

What a wonderful gift! Isn't Paul the best?!

Susan said...

Dave, I can't imagine that I could teach you anything but it will be fun to have someone to play along with.

Cookie, fortunately he is the main snuggle bunny around here so he was placated with some kitty headbumps and smooches. :)

Devorah, yes he is...but I owe it all to you..You were the one that got the ball (or fiber) rolling!