Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I'm sorry...I left the link at work, but in the new Knitty there is an article about hand dyed yarn and indie dyers and...Dave and Scout are featured along with some folks I didn't know. It's a great article and I was so impressed. I printed it out on my local printer so I could keep the color and it's rather noisy and slow so people tend to come see what I'm doing. And I just had to tell them about my friends being featured in this article. Ok, so I don't really know Scout but she was a Dye Momma and I love reading her blog at workand she is friends with Cookie. Someday I'll take my computer to the doctor and find out why her site and Knitty crash my browser. And hey, maybe even get it to play sounds! But I digress. Go to Knitty and read!

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