Thursday, December 14, 2006

It's my very own day!

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday dear Susan, Happy Birthday to me.

Well not quite yet, but who cares about the exact hour (other than my mom who I'm sure wish it had happened early that morning)

Unlike some, I really really love my birthday. Sure yeah, I got older. But...I'm still here! And still having fun most of the time. There is a bit of disappointment in that I thought I'd be living a life of leisure by the time I reached this day. I also, when I was much much younger, thought I would be living in NYC, a published mystery author, or a neurosurgeon, or a mother with 2 1/2 children (who would, by now, have produced 5 1/2 kids) and a picket fence, or maybe the stoned sage of a large commune LOL. Just a tiny bit of that happened and no....I don't have any scheduled surgeries today LOL. All the things that did or didn't happen have made me what I am today and I really enjoy living with this self so all is good.

I don't ask off on my birthday because that would mean I wouldn't get to be at work with everyone saying "Happy Birthday! Now, can you do ____ for me. I need it really soon." *G*

Usually my office coworkers and I go out to lunch for whoever's birthday but they are on serious diets so that's out. I hear I get to have a personal pan pizza! That's ok with me, I'm going to have the 'supreme'. And I won't answer the phone while I'm savoring every bite! So there!

I had it all planned out that I was going to share a birthday card that I bought for myself several years ago with a great poem by Maya Angelou. However...........I can't remember where it is. Hahahahaha oh's still good!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!! :)

~France said...

Happy, happy (((((friend))))) ... I was gonna post it before you got up, but wasn't sure I should! LOL ... I guessed wrong!

Hope your day is full of tremendous fun!!

Ann said...

Enjoy YOUR day! Happy Birthday.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Susan!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Susan!

I hope you're having a wonderful day. *hugs*

Devorah said...

Happy, Happy Day!!!

KatyaR said...

Happy birthday--I hope you had a great day!

Anonymous said...

Your birthday isn't over until the last Happy Birthday is said.

Just say 'when', and I'll say the birthday wishes. LOL!

I didn't know you lived in a commune...

Odd how some things are totally funny after midnight, when at any other time, they're totally lame.

Susan said...

Thanks, Elabeth! Have you framed your new sheep yet?

LOL Paris...but you were asleep. Thanks for the phone call at work.

Ann, I did. And it was great to finally actually 'hear' you last night! Fun times! And I had my coworker come over to my desk and see the card you sent. She still thinks it's so strange that I have all these mysterious friends.

Ohhh nice hug Paul! I solicited hugs all day long LOL

Thank you Ms Cookie! Ohhh and cookie hugs too! :-)

It was a great day, Devorah even if there wasn't a new bike in my house. Which is probably a good thing *G*

Thank you very much Katya! What have you been up to?

Laura, it was a very small commune...more like a whole bunch of housemates. Possibly because I was the main cook? ahaha! btw since I still can't post at your place, does this mean you get to rest now?'re always making me laugh..even when it's 0616

Anonymous said...

Still can't post? Grrr. Ok, we'll have to do some troubleshooting later. I can comment in all three identities, but it IS my own blog. :)

Anonymous said...

WOW hon was that really your bday cake???? It is gorgeous.
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Susan
Happy birthday to you!

Hugs, kisses and love!!!!!!