Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Finally! All the preparations are over, at least here since no way am I cooking! The kitties and doggie have had their Christmas breakfasts (with just a few little snarls as everyone wanted to eat everyone else's food. No clue why, it was all the same) The Girl wore her hat all evening but it really is too big. It fits her brother much better. And he cornered me in the hall to let me know that he didn't realize I could do THAT, and ummm did I ever make hats for guys? In maybe a brown with stripes (since I vetoed black immediately) *G*

The Red Scarf project is growing quickly thanks to Cookie and the Broken Rib pattern, and that's a good thing since I think it'd due January 1st. Right? Of course, I have no idea what I am supposed to do with it once it's complete. Help?

I have a new coffeepot and IT DOESN'T LEAK ALL OVER THE COUNTER! How cool is that? And soon I will have a soaky bath with new soap. Yay me!

I sometimes have to sort of force Christmas Spirit. I tend to get overly sentimental and wish for people no longer in my life but this year has been a truly good one because of all of you. You brighten my days...make me laugh...make me think...make me worry sometimes. So to all of you...some I've actually met. Some I've seen you in a pic. Some I have no idea what you look like but I've learned to know your heart. And it's all good. So here ya go.


Devorah said...

Aww... Merry Christmas!

~France said...

Thank you (((((friend))))) ... hope your holidays are good and only get better!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, sweetie. *hugs*

Go here and you'll find the info for mailing your Red Scarf. We mail them next month, but they are not due on the first. I don't think anyone would do that to us. *L*

Ann said...

I got in a panic when I read that since I just started another red scarf this week. Whew! A little more time to knit!

Merry Christmas!

Sheri said...

Glad you had a nice Christmas! Hope you have a wonderful, happy, healthy New Year too.
Sheri in GA

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely tree! Congradulations on the new coffeepot. Little things mean a lot, especially when you're dealing with spilled coffee. :)

Anonymous said...

LOL I got a new coffeepot also LOL. I decided to switch to perk, nothing like the smell of fresh perked coffee. LOL and my old pot leaked unbelievably when you pour it. I know how to mop things up but I live with a man LOLOLOL.

I've got a small package for you, just haven't gotten to the post office yet. I know I'm bad.