Tuesday, December 05, 2006

One More Pic, and not much else

I've fully intended to post. Even had something to say, but the time flew by and now I can't remember what I felt so important *G*

Last night was going to be a night of sewing (definitely), maybe some knitting or maybe come card writing. However, when I got home I was just so cold. No real reason for it but it was one of those 'my bones are cold' times. So after I ate, I had a nice hot soak in the tub...read until the water started to cool and then felt much better. Still in my robe, I picked up the tv listings to see if there was anything call ing my name. Oh..on PBS they listed a program called Broadway, The Golden Age. I thought that might be fun and turned it on. Far from being fun, it was wonderful!!! Tons of old tape, and interviews with sooooo many people sharing their reminiscences. I can't imagine a time when everyone could afford to go to the theater, I thought it was always way expensive. If you like Broadway and you see this listing, tune in. It will be well worth your time!

Only problem with PBS is no commercials so I just sat entranced, wrapped up in my robe for the hour and a half it was on, only dashing to the kitchen once for tea. So, by now it's 8:30..still time to get a little something accomplished. Ummm but following the Broadway show was a special about Lucille Ball. I grew up with Lucy and remember quite well when Little Ricky was born. It was a wonderfully funny, and yet sad show and I'm not sorry I just remained curled up in my robe.

Now...one more snow picture. It's not the best photo but you can see how odd wind and snow can be. Fortunately I didn't need to open this gate.


KatyaR said...

I saw that show--it was awesome. Brought back many memories. I remember going to NYC over the holidays during my junior year at OSU--we saw 10 shows, both on and off Broadway, plus a Metropolitan Opera matinee, in a week. We got SRO tickets for Annie for $10. You can't buy a program for that these days. I miss that.

If you ever get a chance, see "The Belle of Amherst" with Julie Harris (Netflix has it on DVD). It is absolutely incredible.

Susan said...

oh wow...what a wonderful memory, you lucky girl! I'll have to find the Belle. I've not seen it. Maybe an after Christmas treat just for me? Sounds good!

Anonymous said...

Oh that sounds like such a lovely evening. I am sooo looking forward to some ME time. Hubby's co. was going to send him to NJ for a week or so LOL and I was so me-me-me that I soooo wanted him to go. I know so bad of me LOL.

Susan said...

Not bad at all. After all the company you've had, I think you're overdue for ME time. One of my dear friends was married to a highschool football coach and she looked forward every year to football camp. She and her daughter ate whenever, whatever they wanted..including lots of pizza, stayed in pjs all day knowing that there wouldn't be any football kids knocking on the door looking for coach. *G*

~France said...

Luvvv that picture!!

Glad you enjoyed something on TV ... I look as forward to the OU game as you do! Nothing to do with what you watched, nonetheless ... heh