Sunday, December 10, 2006

I think I'm scared LOL

when I arrived here to post the little quiz below, it told me that the new version of Blogger was ready and I needed to sign in to use it. I'll have to be a bit more awake so I can remember my sign-in name, but what if I can't figure out how to use it? Does it come with directions?

My brain has been so scattered the last few days. I'm blaming it on too much to do when all I want to do is sit and knit and watch a movie. I 'think' all Christmas is here ready to be wrapped and in some cases mailed. It's not a huge Christmas this year at least in terms of just couldn't be. And so it's taken more time to figure out just what to give. I'm not sure though exactly where it all is. I still have a couple of sewing projects to knock out (hopefully today..they aren't huge) I still need to bake several pans of BIG dog cookies. They're a lot faster to cut out etc, but it takes longer to make enough since not so many fit on the pan.

Yesterday I accomplished none of that. Instead I spent the day tidying the space, doing laundry and hopefully getting real life in a bit better shape. The best thing was some random thinking time. My head has been so full of "I need to do this. I need to do that. What was it I needed to do?"sorts of things that it has had no time to just wander around like it wanted to do. In the summer, mowing the yard is a good time for that. I've discovered that scrubbing the bathroom and kitchen is equally helpful.

Brain kicked in with a couple of questions that I need help with:
1. Anybody here have size 8 feet? If so, how long are they? Oh yes, I casted on the first of what I hope will be a pair of house socks for my friend Mac. I would like it to be a surprise, I would also like for them to fit.
2. If any of you fabric freaks ever see any fabric with little pink flamingos on it please tell me where you saw it, and if possible what fabric company has it. I tried Google but it wasn't a lot of help yesterday. No hurry...this isn't a Christmas thing.

So here's the test, which I found over at Sara's place..
What Kind of Reader Are You?
Your Result: Dedicated Reader

You are always trying to find the time to get back to your book. You are convinced that the world would be a much better place if only everyone read more.

Literate Good Citizen
Obsessive-Compulsive Bookworm
Book Snob
Fad Reader
What Kind of Reader Are You?
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KatyaR said...

Girl, you're up WAAAYYYY too early this morning. . . .

I'm having the same problems you are--I have tons to do and can't see to get anything done at the same time. And I thought it was just me . . . .

Susan said...

hahaha well you are up too! And actually I slept in a bit this morning. Nope, it's not just you--but maybe it's just you and me LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm a literate good citizenbut book snob and Obsessive were very close LOL

Anonymous said...

Size 8 on a female foot? Cause I can help you there. But I'm thinking Mac may be male. ?

I hope you get a nap in later because you were up way too early this morning. *hugs*

Devorah said...

So I got a nap. Did you? I know what you mean about too much to do -- somehow we get it all done.

Susan said...

Cat...well at least your literate good citizen is a bit ahead *G*

Cookie, yes Mac is female.! :-) I tried for a nap but it didn't work thanks to some dumb guy trying to sell newspaper subscriptions. And when I said no, he was really quite rude. dumb ass!

Devorah, I got quite a bit done today. Some things finished, some cards written, and more dog bones made. It's coming together slowly but surely!