Saturday, December 30, 2006

Dreary Sky

So this is my sky for today. It looks quite forboding but once thunderstorms passed through last night, it's just been gray and not really very cool. Feels more like very early spring. Which is just wrong!

At any rate, it's still a good day for sorting. Needles were on the sorting list as there were several that were just put in the odd box once projects were done. Someday I will learn why two different needle gauges have different sized holes. Or why a #2 from one manufacturer is really a bit different that a #2 from another. That aside, it's always good to have help with such a project and you can only be ever so happy that the needle that found itself in a taste test was made of metal! And no comments about my sophisticated needle bags. I'm not sure how I survived before someone invented Ziploc bags. And geez, when they came out with the really big ones I knew I was living right *G*

And to counteract the gray skies, I'll add this bit of brightness.
And look at all the buds!


Anonymous said...

I spent last night organizing my knitting needles, too. How funny! I have a very, very old needle case made out of plastic...and sometime this next year I intend to make myself a really pretty quilted one.

Lovely Christmas cactus!

Devorah said...

I love your Christmas Cactus. My mother used to work her tail off to get hers to bloom at the right time of year.

Susan said...

Sara, I need to do that too. But I need to figure some way to label the compartments so I know what size each are. Oh good, another project.

Devorah, this is just fool's luck this year. Maybe the Christmas Cactus Goddess knew I needed some timely brightening *G*

Anonymous said...

I've never had a Christmas Cactus, but my mom had great luck with them.
I was organizing my needles today, how funny. I made a special case to hold a series of my US#3s in various sizes. (I have more of them than anything else.)
Happy New Year's!

~France said...

Does your Singer sewing box have compartments that you could mark? If so, they would be in a place that would make sense, rather than that *safe place* we all seem to have, then forget where we've put it! LOL

Beautiful blooms!