Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Night Without a List and a Mystery.

What a strange evening! For the first time in I can't remember how long, there was nothing on the dry erase board that needed to be done. And...apparently without a list, I don't function too well. LOL. It was an evening when I could just do whatever I wanted to do, and I couldn't think of a darn thing. So I just sort of bounced around from one thing to another. Dug out the Red Scarf that needs to be finished and frogged the whole thing. What WAS I thinking? I guess I know what's going to be on my list for the next evenings.

Still haven't found the paperwork. But I did find out I can get a copy of Oklahoma City. So mid-morning yesterday I took off work and zipped over there. Yes, I can get it, but it is stored in some off-site facility so it won't be available until *maybe* after lunch today. But today I have a Dr. appt that can't be rescheduled (trying to get stuff done before a new year starts and the deductible once again has to be met). So, I'll call them and see if I can pick it up tomorrow. :::crossing fingers:::

And now for the mystery. When I was knitting the Christmas scarves, I noticed that quite often, after a while my right wrist would start to ache badly. I thought perhaps it was the larger needles. So last night, while banging around here, I casted on a nothing piece using the leftover worsted sock stuff and circs...but in the same size. And, yes my arm started to ache. It never did that when I was knitting the socks even though the needles were the same size. And with dpns, it doesn't seem to matter whether they are bamboo or metal. So, apparently, I hold the circs differently. And I always knit Continental style. Hey, I just thought of something else. Before I got the Knit Pics circs (with all the wonderful sizes) if I needed straight needles I just put one of those rubber stopper things on the ends of 2 dpns because I didn't ever seem to have the right size straight needle. Hmmm. Ohhh something to put on the list.

1. Knit with circs.
2. Pay attention and figure out what I'm doing wrong.

OK...I feel better already with a list *G*
List or not, I hope your day is everything you want...and more!


Anonymous said...

I hope you can get your copy today.

I knit differently with circs, too. They feel more comfy than long straight needles, and I seem to hold DPNs closer to me. :? Pay attention next time and see what you're doing. Hopefully, it's something you can control. *hugs*

Anonymous said...

That's so funny/weird. I get BAD hand cramps when I use circs. They are genaerlly too short for me. Although, I don't have a problem with using 5" DPNs. Hmmmm.....

Kirsten said...

What no list?!? I'm glad you've found some things to begin a new one!

Oh, and happy belated birthday. I hope it was wonderful!

Susan said...

Cookie, I thought about it yesterday at work (heh...and here they thought I was thinking about Medicare)and I think that might be part of it. Apparently after a wee bit of testing last night, I hold my arms out away from my body a bit.. as if my arm position has to mimic the width of the cable..or something. I shall try some more experimenting..going from dpns to circs in one evening and see if I truly notice what's going on.

Dave, yeah and it's a pain! haha an early morning joke. There must be a solution!

Kirsten, I feel much better with a working list. So when my brain wanders off, it can find it's way home!