Monday, December 18, 2006


The gifty socks said they would be willing to pose briefly on my feet for a pic. They're going to be washed anyway. I sure hope they fit her. If not, maybe she'll give them back. By the way, I still hate Kitchener.

And then feeling all clever because they were done, I started on a search for a piece of paperwork that I really really need. I'm not sure why I had "owner's manuals" for radios that have been gone for years, insurance policies (from work) that have been replaced by other companies multiple times...but can I find what I need? Nope. I really thought it was in the safe deposit box. In my mind, I can see the envelope it's in, but it seems to have fallen into a black hole. :::sigh:::


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous socks!!!!! They are really very nice.


Anonymous said...

Love the socks! Well done.

I hope you find it. I bet the cat moved it on you while you were at work. *hugs*

Susan said...

Thanks Cat! I do love yarn with mixedyup colors. Even stockinette is fun if you don't know what's going to happen next *G*

Cookie, wow they went so fast! Maybe I need to make all my socks out of worsted on size 5 needles LOL. Wherever the cat hid it, she did a damn good job. I found I can get a copy. But it's a pain! Teach me for sure!

Devorah said...

Very festive! I know the feeling of being able to picture where something is. I still think I will find my ice skates in one corner of one particular closet even though we have totally gutted the closet several times since they went missing. I hope the agency involved can get them from the off site location.