Saturday, December 23, 2006


ok...gumdrops. But hooray, my camera apparently fell out of my bag and was in my drawer at work. is one of the 2 gumdrop wreaths. Next year I shall start looking for big gumdrops earlier in the year. I'm wondering how they will decay. Or will they? Will it be like the Twinkie that never dies? My boss and my coworker in cubbie land and I decided to not give each other gifts this year since we were all sorta overextended. Which, in a way, was a shame. Since I talk with them each and every day, I know them much better than some in my FOC. It was doomed though because we just couldn't help it. But the gifts were small pencils (which I love!), little candles, etc. So these wreaths worked well for that. They were small and fun and, well, there ya go.

And, just in case you didn't think the holidays were tiring, take a look at this. Zoey opened a present last night. Nope, wasn't hers. Didn't smell good. Wasn't edible. Why would this normally reserved/boring dog want to open a ceramic spoon rest???? But it was ever so tiring. Or perhaps she was hoping I would think a cat had done it while she slept. Silly dog..I watched her doing it LOL She really doesn't know how to play and I've not succeeded in teaching her. The only thing that she does like to do besides suck up petting is to toss my houseshoes around and she delights in catnip mice! She tears them to shreds but has such a happy time doing it that you can't really be mad. Petsmart always sends her a certificate for a free birthday toy with a good $ limit and they usually get regifted after she looks at them incredulously. This year I got her a gingerbread cookie stuffie and it's resting in the Petsmart bag along with Cosmic Catnip for the cats. I'm hoping that at least it will smell enough like catnip to occupy her for a few moments Christmas morning. And...give the cats time with their mice before Zoey the Destroyer finds them. And no my whole world isn't beige but the color sucked so I changed it over to this.

And for real news, check this out! The December 22 post (in case she posts again before you get there) Our Mama Squid has been delighting me with tales of the knitting group that she facilitates at her school. After watching the evening news with stories of shootings and vandalism, it's ever so nice to read that her office became overfilled with student knitters and they ended up in the hall and, that now the young knitters are helping to teach the newcomers. And that part of the reason for the group is to knit squares for blankets that will warm others. I heartily believe in paying it forward and I've been blessed by so many so it's fun that I can help with this. And, at the same time, find a good home for those needles that are languishing in the drawer since I've finally discovered which needles work best for me. And my rather unglamorous stash will be tackled also. No Koigu kids, sorry!

If you don't know Mama Squid and don't feel comfortable with mailing things to a stranger, she provides a link to the school so packages can be sent directly. Which also will mean that she doesn't have to wrestle a bunch of packages through the streets of NYC.

I know that the holidays are a really busy time, so keep this at least in your brain for afterwards. And hey, if you are really busy and it takes you a while to read this...the need continues.

Let's help these young knitters! Some day they may be knitting a charity lap robe for YOU when you're old. Or in my case, they need to hurry LOL

And a note to Cookie: I really did try but I couldn't find a permalink thingy there. If you know where it is, tell me and I'll edit.

And another note to Cookie: Yup...that worked! Thanks

Thanks y'all!


Devorah said...

Thank you so much for the plug, Susan! I do not know how to do a perma-link either. I think the newer version of Blogger allows it but I have not been honored with an invitation to switch yet.

Anonymous said...

As I recall, gumdrops will get hard over time.

I'm not sure how to get a link to a post in blogger... unless you click on that posts link on the sidebar. :?

Anonymous said...

Mama Squid gives a good excuse to play in the yarn and needle stashes!

I love the gumdrop wreath! Wow!

You can copy the shortcut from the Previous Posts section to the right. Or, in the edit posts area of your dashboard, I think there's a way to copy those links. Since I'm already in the new version, I can't doublecheck myself. :P

Susan said...

Devorah, you're so welcome. I would have loved to have someone teach me when I was young. And it's such a great thing to read about! Great kids and great educator person.

On the dashboard, it says it's no longer Beta and all you have to do is click and log in with your blogger sign in stuff. But I had soooo much trouble posting to Laura after she switched. Regardless of how I signed in, it didn't recognize me. and I'm scared it would still do that and I would lose the whole thing.

Cookie, I saw your post over at Mama Squid's and it worked. Yay. Now I need to go back and read it again and actually remember what I did LOL

Laura...that thing is HEAVY. I can only imagine what a really big one would weigh. But it was really festive and mindless to make. It's good that they really tasted nasty or I would be sitting here on my gumdrop butt!

Ann said... wreath makes me hungry for gumdrops. Red ones..yellow ones...yummy stuff!

Anonymous said...

Awww he is so cute. We bought stuffed animals for our girls this year and for Sasha the cat some catnip. They also got new pink bowls to eat out of. LOL which they haven't lol.