Thursday, December 21, 2006

Fun Day

Today we had our Christmas party at work. It was way fun and enough food that we'll have lunch tomorrow too. This year, as last year, we bought Christmas oven mitts and everyone took one and filled it with up to $10 worth of junk. Dollar Tree is our friend. It just seems silly to have an exchange that costs more than that. I got a garland, and lotion and a candle and a new pencil and other fun stuff. I have 2 oven mitts so I can actually lift something heavy and not burn my hands. Not that I'm planning on cooking or anything *G*

Then, I left early and drove to the City to get copies of the lost paperwork. Only cost me $2 plus a coin for the parking meter. I parked a ways away and enjoyed walking to the courthouse. I used to work in downtown Oklahoma City and knew where and what everything was, but it's changed a bunch. I shall have to go back when I don't have to hurry. And when it's a wee bit warmer. The wind really blows around the tall buildings.

Stopped at Hobby Lobby on the way home for just 2 things but came out with a sackful of stuff. It seems that they are already taking Christmas down. Where there were Christmas crafty things last week, there are now sand buckets and sun umbrellas. And...everything was 1/2 off.

Oh but wait. Earlier in the day, I had to run home for something I'd forgotten for the party and there was a package from Sara in my mailbox. What a surprise! I took it back to work to open it. My friend Jackie that works right by me is totally fascinated that I get packages in the mail. Even when it's stuff I order. And she really thinks it odd/weird/cool that I get packages from friends I've never seen. She just doesn't quite understand all this blog stuff. So the package delighted both of us.

And..then finally I got home and made some little gumdrop wreaths. I would show you but apparently and hopefully the camera is at work. (I think I am losing my mind too! :-0 )Jackie will get one, and my boss the other one. And probably in a couple of days they'll shrivel up and they can toss them and not have to worry about dusting them. Can't beat a deal like that!


Ann said...

That Sara, what a great friend. Pauly and I had a discussion tonight on Yahoo Instant Messenger about people in the real world not quite understanding this little community we are all apart of.

It's pretty darn terrific dontcha think?

Devorah said...

My colleagues do not understand this at all but hey, they don't have to! Glad you got your paper work. Only $2?! And how much time did you get on the meter for your coin? I bet it was more then 10 minutes.

Have a great day!

Susan said...

Ann, I agree totally! Besides the great friendships I've made, there's all the stuff you learn. From knitting tips, to what's going on in Alaska, and England and Ohio and Boston and NYC and wherever. And the knowledge that regardless of where folks are, they generally have the same concerns.

Devorah, I put in a quarter and it gave me 45 minutes. Closer in, it wouldn't give me that much. Over here in my town, there are no parking meters. The other day when I went, I'd totally forgotten about needing change. I finally found a quarter and 2 dimes which would have given me an hour. But...I put the dimes in the quarter slot too and they didn't register. A good thing that I was helped quickly and told to come back another day LOL.
I'm so glad that my circle stretches out widely.