Sunday, April 29, 2007


That's me for sure on this bright, warm Sunday.

A bit of background. Back on the 13th (Friday the 13th even) I had a regular checkup appointment with my cardiologist. I told him what my PCP already knew, that with exertion like walking fast or uphill. or taking the trash thing to the alley, or going up and down steps, my jaw would hurt like a mad dog. After a few minutes of rest it went away. PCP said to let her know if it got worse or if it wasn't relieved with rest. Cardiac doc said WHAT??? DO I KNOW ABOUT THIS?. Ooops. I related that it was unchanged. No good.

So, this last Monday I had a stress test on a treadmill. A few things learned. First of all, I get really cranky without caffeine, water or food until lunch time. Second, I just cannot seem to walk on a treadmill. Even with repeated instruction and practice, when push came to shove it was a disaster! You Tube material definitely. :::hangs head:::. Actually at the end of the test, my jaw felt like someone had socked me; I was gasping for air; and one of the guys doing the test had his hands on the small of my back to keep me from flying off the back end of the treadmill. Shut up.

Results came in which looked pretty good to me. But...and that's actually what the cardios nurse said on Thursday when she called. There were some things that weren't quite right..or at least questionable. So, a heart cath was called for so he could go see what's up with this Twisted Sister as he calls me. Originally it was scheduled for the 7th which would mean my friend Mac would be back from her trip and could chauffeur me. (You get reallllly good legal drugs and driving is not allowed.) Then I discovered that the doc would be out of town then and I would have to wait until the 14th. As wacked out as I have been about this week, I would definitely be certifiable by then. So on Friday, strings were pulled and I'm scheduled for tomorrow. I have this sort of adjustable plan. I'll drive over, have the test and then 2 people will come to get me and one of them can drive my vehicle and me home. I have NO idea who those two people are so it'll be a good surprise but all sorts of coworkers have volunteered.

I've had this done once before only it was to look at the arteries in my neck (they're fine but twisted ...that's where I got the nickname) and the worst part was having to lie on my back afterwards.

I don't really feel scared now. Earlier in the week I was. Now...just very antsy. There really isn't much that needs doing...but I keep looking LOL. This morning I would knit a row, then look out the window. Knit another row and look out the door. Wash some towels, knit a row, brush the dog. You get the idea. I'm really going to attempt to get 10 rows knitted before nightfall LOL

It's time now to go pick mulberry leaves and do some worm moving. See ya later!


Devorah said...

Tomorrow all my focus is on YOU! ***HUGS***

Unknown said...

And my day will also be spent on good vibes being sent your way!!

Hope you can post soon afterwards to let us all know you're OK!

Cookie said...

Oh goodness!

Will be thinking about you, sweetie. *hugs*

Susan said...

Devorah..thanks, and by Tuesday I'll be focusing you YOU!

Paris, thanks. I'll post when I get home unless I'm too goofy. Why should that make a difference???

Thank you Cookie! I'm sure all these good thoughts will help me get home quickly...and hopefully well fed on the way! Gotta look for the good stuff, like eating out *G*

Unknown said...

Maybe a Panera Bread lunch would do the trick, eh?! heh heh

Hugs (((((m'friend)))))

Sheri said...

I'll be on the list of those sending you good vibes too. You'll do fine, just relax and don't forget to breath! Wish I lived closer, I'd come with you and drive you home and take you out for a good, heart healthy lunch!
Sheri in GA

Anonymous said...


Just realx and let them do what they need to do. You'll be fine!

Susan said...

Paris, more like a Panera supper. It's not scheduled until 1-ish. LOL by the time I get food I'll eat anything!

Sheri, wish you were closer too! Right now I'm hungry for salad! Guess I'll settle for celery sticks. What a bedtime snack LOL

Ohh good Paul hugs! I'm just gonna take all of you with me. It might be a bit crowded but we can all snuggle!

Ann said...

Sending hugs your know there are an awful lot of us who care and worry about you...

...probably because you are SOOOOOOOO many ways!

Susan said...

Ann, you just made me giggle! I love being twisted except when doing the first row on a sock. Thank you for caring!

Anonymous said...

Yay! for good drugs. BOO @ me for not knowing any of this until NOW. *big hugs and feel better soons*

Susan said...

Sprite, I'll second the yay for good drugs. I'm feeling just fine now, thanks! But your hugs are always welcome.:-)