Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I Can't Think of a Title

Well, the wool is relatively clean. It still has vegetable manner in it, and some of it is stained but it smells like wet wool which, to me, is a rather nice smell. Especially if I compare it with the "before" I rinsed it again to make sure that there wasn't any soap or other goodies and the rinse water stayed clean. I thought it all quite fun, but then I enjoy cleaning bathrooms too. >:)

Speaking of bathrooms, it's really clean also. While the wool was sitting in the kitchen sink, I decided to wash the bathroom down including the ceiling. It's all pretty and fresh now and smells like oranges *G*

And I finished knitting a dish rag while watching NCIS. Oh and I saved Mercy, the long haired calico from a disaster. Someone gave me a new candle and I lit it in the kitchen while I was putting the wool to soak. Mercy, sometimes called the Helper Cat was supervising and also trying to distract me with her swishing tail. So I'm trying to smell the wool and I realize I'm really smelling burning hair. Eww! Fortunately with the long hair only the tips were singed and she thought it great fun to wrestle with me as I tried to wet her tail down.

That's enough excitement for one night~ hope yours was fun too! Niters!


Devorah said...

Burned tail? Ouch! Poor Kitty!

And you washed the ceiling? Brave you!

Unknown said...

Omy! That would have been one big *poof* for sure! Glad you were close enuf to smell it!!

Cookie said...


Poor kitty!

You washed a ceiling? How tall are you?.

Sheri said...

You really enjoy cleaning bathrooms? Want another one?
Poor kitty! Good thing you were right there, she would of had a naked tail.
Sheri in GA

Susan said...

Devorah, not brave..just wired for some reason and needed to be doing something involving large muscles LOL

Paris, me too! That cat gets into everything but this is the first time for a candle.

Cookie, not that tall. But I have a great stepladder *G*

Sure Sheri, be right there! Kitchens are also fun too.

Anonymous said...

OMG I am so glad you saved her before it got worse. Remind me one day to tell you my skunk story LOLOL.


Susan said...

Cat??? A skunk story? Well that certainly gives me something to anticipate! *G*