Sunday, April 01, 2007

I'm Back!

Hooray for young geeky guys that fix things so you can wander around and visit with your friends!

I must say it was rather interesting being without this beast. The first couple of mornings, which is when I usually read mail and blogs, I was ready for work an hour early. Didn't help that Mary, The Cat Who Must Be Obeyed, decided that wakeup time was 4:30! She's elderly, I love her..but still..ack!

I sewed and sorted and shampooed carpet and knitted and frogged and knitted and frogged and read and had a few nice naps and knitted and frogged. Worked in the yard a bit but torrential rains have left it too soggy to actually do much good. I'm not complaining because we really needed it but I am a bit afraid that the dog will disappear in the back yard before I can get it mowed again.

I started new socks and got all carried away with myself and switched to metal needles after which I kept losing YOs which caused the frogging cause those guys can really travel. Back on bamboo now so hopefully that will work better. For some absurd reason, now my left hand cramps or goes numb after a few rounds...think maybe I'm a bit tense about those YOs *G*

Tornadoes in the area (none really close to me thankfully) brought a bit of excitement and I really should have taken pictures of the creek as the rains ran fast and the street by work looked like a river...but was pouring rain. I probably shouldn't have laughed, but they showed a clip on the news with a Hummer stuck in high water. The street was closed but I guess that sign was meant for everyone but Hummer drivers. Nobody was hurt but I bet there were some egos that got bruised.

How's YOUR weather? Whatcha doing this weekend.


Unknown said...

I just luvvvvv reading what you write! Sooo glad you're back!!

Devorah said...

Amazing how much we can accomplish when we unplug. Good to have you back.

Cookie said...

You're back! :D You've been busy, too.


Ann said...

There you are..I was on the phone yesterday talking with Sara about you, were your ears ringing? It's so nice to have you back among us keeping up on what we have been doing. (You know I blog just for you---and a few dozen others.)

I spent this morning rearranging my bedroom and cleaning the aquarium.

It's sunny here by a bit of a chill in the wind. I headed out to the prairie for a walk and this afternoon watched Flags of our Fathers. Now it's off to pay bills and do some web goddes stuff.



Sheri said...

Glad you have your puter back. You're right, quit using them for a few days and all kinds of things get done. :o)

The weather here is beautiful and the pollen seems to be slowing down a little. The pug got a bath, her toe nails clipped, her ears cleaned and her nose roll cleaned. good day!

Sheri in GA
PS Mini is looking cute on top of my TV in her little Easter basket.

Anonymous said...

Yeah you are back!!!!! I am so glad because I so missed you.


KatyaR said...

I have to admit I got a bit of evil satisfaction in seeing that Hummer stuck in all that water. Oops . . . . :<(

Susan said...

Katya, good to know I'm not the only evil one. Heh

Cat, I missed you too!!!!

And once again to celebrate being me, I answered the other comments, copied them to email and then closed the window without posting them. Duh.