Friday, April 06, 2007

Friday Fun!!

I'm just soooo excited about this day!

My dear friend and co-worker Jackie, and her hubby just bought their first home. It's a modest home that's been completely gutted and remodeled just for being sold. It's soooo cute! And so THEM! All of us at work feel like we've been a part of this, since she has shared all the stories about looking, and paperwork and packing and sorting. There has been a Pasta Toss luncheon in the planning for awhile, and unbeknownst to Jackie, it's also going to be a housewarming party! Now, Jackie and her hubby aren't kids. And it's not like they are just starting their married life. So it will be even more fun. How often do middle aged folks get to have new towels and new accessories and even a new mop all at once. AND we have managed to keep it a secret which is pretty amazing since Jackie always knows everything that's going on! She and her hubby are probably the truly nicest people I've ever known and I'm so excited about making this special for them. I'm so hoping that in the last hours before this happens we don't blow it. Last night another coworker called me and we giggled and giggled about how clever we all are *G*.

Then, this evening, I'm going to a book signing at Full Circle Books in the City. One of my favorite authors, Susan Wittig Albert, will be in town and this will be my first time to meet her although we've traded a few eMails back and forth. (which totally surprised me...a real author answers my comments?!?!?). She writes cozy mysteries, as well as lots about the Texas Hill Country. And has put together this great Story Circle Network which helps women learn to write of place and experience. And, she knits and spins and gosh...just a really cool person and I get to meet her!

Edited to add: She also writes a lot about herbs and flowers. She has a lot of knowledge in these areas and uses that in her books too. I've learned a lot about a lot of things from her, and all the while enjoying myself immensely

I am so jazzed about today! What a fun way to end the work week! Hope your Friday is even better!!!! See ya later


Unknown said...

OOO ... what a day ahead! How fun that's gonna be for y'all! Say congrats to Jackie for me!

How very special to have a favorite author there in town, and one you've actually corresponded with, even! How cool is that?!?! :o)

Anonymous said...

Oh a housewarming - I love new beginnings.
OH definitely sounds like she is a real good person - heck anyone who knits is awesome, let alone one that spins and writes.


Devorah said...

What fun! Planning nice things for other people is so exciting and energizing! Enjoy!

Cookie said...

Sounds like a wonderful time in the making. :D

Susan said...

Paris, I'll be sure and tell Jackie. It is/was cool. It always amazes me when someone I concieve to be famous/talented/special actually responds to a comment I make.

Cat, I announced at the party that I think I will move so I can have a party too. They just laughed. I found last night that Susan is primarily a spindle spinner and had brought it along for her tour. I wish she'd had it with her last night. I need help LOL

Devorah, I think the best part of planning Jackie's housewarming party was that we succeeded in keeping it a secret. My gosh, I was so excited I was about to pop. She looked at me and said "And here I thought we told each other everything!" hahah

Oh Cookie, it was just the bestest sort of day!