Saturday, April 21, 2007

Serendipity Again

The plans for the day involved washing blankets (I think spring is finally here to stay), curtains and the regular laundry that didn't get done last night plus various errands. The errands went done without any glitches. The laundry however was another story. Once again my machine decided to turn into a screaming banshee and no amount of rearranging wet stuff, repositioning the washer, or cussing would make it work right. So feeling way put upon, I loaded up wet blankets, throw rugs and the stuff that was still in line and off to the laundry I went.

Thought I would use one of the great big front loaders. Put my quarters in..all $3 but umm, it wouldn't start and there was no attendant there. Pulled everything out and split it between a smaller front loader and two regular washers. I find this laundry quite depressing. It's certainly not a good space. So I decided while everything was washing, I would go around the corner to the quilt store and get some needles with big enough eyes to hold the tying stuff for my quilt. As I was being helped, I heard someone say "She's not to be trusted with sharp things!" Laughing, I turned around to discover one of the few fiber folks I know around here. She was there taking a class but the classroom was cold so she'd come out front to stitch on her appliqued butterfly. We chatted a bit and she invited me over to see her silkworms. Well, not worms quite yet.

Happily I went back to the laundry to discover everything done....except the two regular washers didn't spin very well and so actually I'd spent money to end up with the same very wet blankets. Lugging them home, I discovered the mail had arrived. A bill, some ads, and this very cool card from Devorah! I love it! I think it needs a frame. I usually stand them up on my desk for awhile and then put them in my treasure space, but I'm afraid the laser strips will get bent and it's way too neat to have that happen.

Had just started pressing curtains when my friend called and said can you come now??? Oh sure...I'm ready for some fun. Not only did I get to see the silkworm babies, I was also given some to raise. They are bombyx silkworms, domestic ones. Who knew? The link tells all about the raising of them. The black spots that look like poppy seeds are really infants, the longer black things are a bit older and the leaves are mulberry leaves. Fortunately I have a mulberry tree in my least we 'think' it's a mulberry tree. Leaves look right. But that's the only thing they will eat. And they eat a lot! Something else to feed! *G* And it was such fun talking with someone who loves fiber. She also makes soap, and has a kiln and her daughter sews and her husband knits. My kind of folks!

And on the way outside to cut some for my new babies, I noticed that the blackberries are blooming. ohhhh my mouth is watering already!

So..if the washer wasn't acting up, I wouldn't have a new project, wouldn't have got to spend time with a fiber friend. And hey, maybe the card wouldn't have arrived. And, if I hadn't gone out to get mulberry leaves I might have not noticed the blackberry blossoms. It's all good. Excuse me, I have to go see if my jammies are dry.


Sheri said...

Silkworms, huh? There are so many kinds of bug/insects/creepy crawlies in the Southeast that I can't imagine raising something called a silkworm! How many silkworms does it take to make a skein of silk yarn? :o)
Sounds like a good weekend for you too, even if your washer isn't cooperating!
Sheri in GA

Unknown said...

HA! And that's why 'they' say *everything happens for a reason* eh? Look at all the fun stuff you got into 'cuz a'your washer! heh heh

Hope the rest of your weekend goes well, too!

Susan said...

Paris, that I've had some fun, let's have the washer start cooperating, k? *G*

Sheri, according to W*kipedia, one cocoon contains approximately 1,000 yards of silk filament. The silk at this stage is known as raw silk. Just one thread consists of 48 individual silk filaments. Having seen the cocoons which sort of look like elongated packing peanuts I find that amazing. We shall see.

Devorah said...

Cool! What are you going to do with the silk? Got to plan early, you know.

Don't you love how a crummy experience can cause a day to turn great?


Susan said...

Mornin' Devorah! Would it be tempting fate to say I will dye it and spin it? Ha..guess I'd better learn to spin wool first. My friend has ziploc bags full of silk cocoons in her freezer and she knows what to so I'll hope she helps me. It's all her fault anyway. At the fiber retreat we got to dye some but mine is still all coiled up in it's storage box LOL

KatyaR said...

I had NO luck dyeing that silk hankie at the retreat--I think I ended up throwing it away. I need to try it again and work a little harder at it this time.

I'm jealous over the silkworms! I would love some, but I don't have the mulberry leaves to feed them. I hope you'll post some picks as they grow.

Just a few weeks until Rendezvous--hope you're saving your pennies! :<)

Anonymous said...

OMG Silk worms and blackberries, I can't stand it - too much goodness ;-) I am so excited for you growing those worms. We get to learn about them in our class this week. I'm excited.