Monday, April 09, 2007

Softball Socks

Two of them to be exact...just barely begun but that's the plan. For, once again, it's softball season and The Girl seems to think I need to be at all her games. And I get fiddly just sitting there so...I need to knit, right? And I need to knit something simple so there you have it. I'm thinking though that until the evenings warm up, I might just spend the evening shivering. 40 degrees with wind. Ack! At least I won't be wearing a cute softball uniform and trying to look really good out on the field *G*

Specs: (because I'll forget later and can come back and look)
Yarn: Dancing from Knit Picks 41% cotton, 39% wool, 13% nylon and 7% elastic. I'm liking using it and I'm thinking they'll be a lot more comfy to wear in an Oklahoma summer than all wool. Of course, it's not in my catalog so I guess I'll have to Google more cotton sock yarns.
Pattern: 3x3 plain rib on US 1 dpns.

Began last night, and partially knitted during Wind in the Willows. It was excellent, and I'm afraid knitting was in my lap much of the time. I adored Matt Lucas who played Toad. He was just perfect!


Cookie said...

Sockotta is one of my favorites. Let's see if my HTML worked. *L*

Once I've tried the Panda Cotton, I'll report back. ;^)

Sara said...

Pretty, pretty!!! That will be an easy knit at the games...(lucky you!) /grins and runs

Laura said...

Cute! Love the tea towels, road trips, and all the other stuff! Sounds like you had a great, if chilly, Easter.

Susan said...

Cookie your html worked great! Can you send me the code? That looks a whole lot like the Dancing. I really like that varigated light blues. Will have to find some online. ohhh new yarn! Thanks! And yes, be sure and let me know how you really feel about the Panda cotton. As if you ever held back *G*

aww Sara, you know you want to be there! I do love softball but you just have to look at these preteen games in a whole different way. I hate the parents that yell at the kids. Like they could get their large butts around the bases *G*

Laura it was a lot of fun interspersed with really good naps and other downtimes too. My kinda days *G*

Unknown said...

So, since it's cold, how well do you knit with the fingerless gloves on? I'm guessing not super easy, however, worth a try to keep your finners warm, eh?

Go Grrls!!!

Ann said...

I have some of that dancing's in my stash I believe..resting.

Susan said...

Paris, actually I can knit quite well in the lighter weight blue ones I made. They are like wearing whispers *G*. And, I was going to make a link to a pic of them but alas, out of the whole month of January, that's the only pic that didn't load. Bummer. Now I'll have to wait to try the code Cookie sent me *G*

Ann, mine was resting too. Actually I had forgotten I had it. Sad since my stash isn't that big...must be my memory is even smaller :-(