Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Bad Blogger, bad bad bad

I'm sorry. I know I said I would be back on Sunday and I didn't make it. Thought of y'all though as I busied around here like a crazy woman.

I did get some things accomplished. Made a sandwich of my quilt top, washed the patio (no plumbing to clean out there though, Ann), and probably some things that I've forgotten now. I truly meant to take a picture of the quilt all spread out on the patio but ...I didn't.

I do have some things to show you. Nope, no knitting although some is going on. It's just not ready for primetime yet.

First, new friends. I first saw the big lamb over on Scrappy Knitter's place and thought her just the cutest thing. But when I finally ok'd it, they were out at Build A Bear. Who knew? I ended up getting her unstuffed on eBay. And who says lambs named Rowan can't wear a Hello Kitty shirt? She came with her own little companion who is named Petal and now they have a new friend too. On the right is my first ever lamb Pez...compliments of Scrappy Knitter. Too fun! She came inside a giant plastic Easter egg even. I had to take the front off for the picture and so that she could breathe easier. And it arrived on a day that was in real need of a fun surprise. Thank you!

And the gratuitous nature shot. These little pretties are called Star of Bethlehem, or wild onions since the bulblets they grow from smell like onions, or some people refer to them as weeds. The very idea!! They seem to like my yard quite well and so I consider them a wonderful gift from nature. It's just easier that way.

Oh and the headache went away finally. But it left my head sore. Really...kinda like if you bumped it on a corner or something. I swear, I just keep getting weirder!

How's your week going. Remember, tomorrow is HumpDay...the weekend can't be far behind.


Devorah said...

My mother always says that there are no such things as weeds ... just wildflowers.

Unknown said...

Zackly! Anything pretty in the ground is worth stopping for, and smellin'

Glad your headache finally gave up, tho it didn't need to leave you a reminder! How dare it!!

Cookie said...

Devorah's mother has never seen my back garden. *L*

I'm so glad your head is feeling better. I think I've your headache, btw. Who can I give it to? *L*


Sheri said...

I'm glad that your headache went away too! Love the picture of Rowan, Petal and Pez. How cute!
I'm still going to write back but no, there's not just fish in that cookbook. Will share on Friday. Tomorrow is Thursday, gotta take my Baby Girl out to lunch and the Oldest DD too.
Stay well.
Sheri in GA

Susan said...

I think I am a friend of Devorah's mom *G*

F, around here, most of what I have growing is because of an accident of nature..bird droppings have brought me many uhhh wildflowers!

LOL Cookie, she might just fall in love with it! Sorry, I thought sure that I had totally annihalated that headache. Must be a clone. Do you have any enemies? you could send it to them as a conciliatory gesture *G*

Sheri, you and the girls have a lot of fun! And I'll look forward to hearing from you!

Anonymous said...

Just as cute as a button I love it.