Saturday, April 07, 2007

A Change in Plans

This weekend was planned to be all about outside. Washing down the patio (yes that OCD thing again LOL) doing some trimming, maybe even buying some plants for the pots. The sky is sunny and bright although I haven't been out far enough to take a picture of it because this is what I saw first.

OOOps. Seems like a rather inside sort of day. And, so far, other than the usual Saturday morning tasks, I haven't quite figured out what that will entail.

I was sooooo tired when I posted last night. And Blogger was extremely slow. I was told by a non-techy person that Typepad is much nicer to dial up folks. Maybe I'll investigate that.
Maybe I'll get out that spindle and see if I can remember anything. Maybe I'll sew up the skirt that's been cut out for 2 weeks. Maybe I'll start a new sock. I just couldn't seem to get the ones I was working on to work. Probably user error because the pattern was simple and the yarn was exquisite. For whatever reason it just wouldn't happen. I want them to be different and special. Maybe my knitting fingers were tired. Maybe I should start a simple sock with inexpensive yarn.

Or maybe I should stay in my pjs and read. I have Susan's new book, a new copy of Spin Off. Or I could listen to a book on tape. At the bookstore I found Sense and Sensability on cassette for $10! Lots of listening there.

For those of you not familiar with my newest heroine Susan Wittig Albert, I'll give you a bit more info. I love reading her blog because it's about so many things. Knitting sometimes, gardening, animals, writing, and always about place. Busy person!

She, and her husband Bill, write 3 series. Well one is finished but the other two are still going on.

The first is the China Bayles series. I've been reading and loving these for a long time. China was an attorney who got tired of the rat race and chucked it in favor of operating a herb shop (and growing lots of herbs) in a small Texas town. And, solves mysteries with her friend Ruby who may be my other idol. Ruby is just too wild and cool. Lots of fun and you learn a lot about herbs in the process. And even dyeing and making paper *G* And lots of fun stuff if you follow the above link.

Second is the Robin Paige Victorian Mysteries. Obviously set in the Victorian era, they're made even more fun by having real people involved in the stories. From Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Beatrix Potter, Rolls and Royce (who knew) get to get a new idea of who these folks were. Lots of research in these books.

And third, oh my word I love this series, are the Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter. I loved her little stories and pictures. I have to love Mrs. Tiggywinkle due to my propensity to iron a lot. But the lady herself was incredibly interesting. In a time when women were expected to do only certain things, she really stretched and succeeded. You won't find blood and guts in these books. But you will find lots of animals. Both those of Ms. Potter, but also of Susan's.

And there are non-fiction books as well. There is the Herbal Book of Days which is on my wish list. Well actually all of these are. So many books so much yarn...choices take time *G*. There is an anthology called Women Writing About the Southwest. There is a guided writing program called Writing from Life. (I wonder if there is a way to write an interesting chapter about cleaning the bathroom????). Work of Her Own which is about doing what your soul wants, I think.

If you go here, there are links to all the books in the sidebar and in the non-fiction area all open on their own page but the addy stays the same so I don't know how to link. It's magic, I tell ya!

Now to go have a soaky bath, pull some warmer clothes out of storage (sort of jumped the gun on that one) and see where this day leads. I hope your path today leads you to lots of contentment.


Sheri said...

I'd go with the staying in your jammies all day. Cold here too, what is this? In the 20's tomorrow morning. We're all going to freeze in our Easter bonnets.
Have a great weekend, whatever you decide to do.
Sheri in GA

Cookie said...

Too cold to get dressed! Good luck with the socks.

Sara said...

Hey, I haven't taken my jammies off today at all - much nice and it's too damn cold to go, I'm doing laundry, cutting fabric, and knitting...

Devorah said...

It's very much a stay at home day here, too. Went out in the morning but now is all about being somewhat sleepy.

Happy Easter!

Susan said...

Sheri, isn't it weird? Wouldn't have been so odd except that last week was way warm. Jammies it is!

Cookie, thanks. I think I actually did 4 rows on the sock. Nap time stole knitting time *G*

Geez Sara, you've been a busy girl! What are you going to make with the fabric?

Devorah, must be a trend. It was a sleepy day here too!

Anonymous said...

Hey your outdoor plans were the same as mine. YUP!!! even washing the patio - it gets a good scrub down during the beginning of the season with bleach and soap, and then I wash it every so often during the season. Hmmm OCD you say?
I will definitely have to check out her books.


Susan said...

Cat, I take it that it was too cold to do that at your place too! and yep, that's what I do too. Well, I don't know about OCD but some folks say that since I enjoy cleaning, something must be wrong with me *G*