Sunday, October 22, 2006

Baby, It's Cold Outside

First freeze of the year. Just down to 29F in the night and is up to 32F. There is NO wind which is a bit strange for Oklahoma so it really isn't bad out there at all. At least it wasn't bad for the few minutes I was out.

I had a Saturday Sky shot that I took from the car window on my way to the store early yesterday morning. Alas, I didn't really look closely at it until I got home. There was a spectacular sunrise marred by some HUGE blob of glare/smoke/who knows. You'll just have to take my word for it. And no, LOL I didn't take it through a closed window as a friend thought.

The slight plan I had for Saturday got rearranged rather suddenly. Groceries were purchased, laundry underway as was some ironing. And then The Girl called about 11 asking if I would like to go with her, and her mom and her mom's friend to this big craft/antique/fine art/gift/collectible show called Affair of the Heart. Well...sure! It's held twice a year at the fairgrounds in Oklahoma City. It's been years since I've gone but it was always fun...if sometimes awash in home made bunnies. Somewhat juried I think so things were good quality and also there was always a lot of *stuff* that you could use to make your own whatevers.

There were lots of Christmas and Halloween decorations and a lot of Christian stuff too. Short on antiques and other old stuff. My first score though was an old zinc canning lid with a glass insert. I love old canning jars and use them to store pasta and such. Second score was what I thought was raspberry tea. The booth had those big thermos servers with all their flavors and I tried the little tiny cup of raspberry. Pretty darn tasty so I got a bag. When I got home, however, I discovered that it's more like a drink mix. 2 teaspoons to a cup with lots of other stuff in it. Still good..but not zactly what I wanted. I found some camo tennis shoes that I really, really wanted but since I hadn't planned on this show I didn't have much cash with me. Oddly enough, when I got home and pulled my leftover cash out of my pocket I discovered that separated from the $1 bills was a $20. So...I could have got them, but I'm guessing it wasn't to be.

Their friend was just loads of fun and I really enjoyed getting to know her a bit. I recruited her in my search for a teapot and although I found a few, the only one that called my name was way to expensive for my budget. She's recently moved back to Oklahoma and told me that she thinks she has a teapot and cups packed somewhere that might be just the ticket..and if, they ever turn up I can have them. :::crossing fingers:::

The Girl, her mom, and I stopped on the way home for some haute cuisine at Taco Bueno. It seems to be our custom now. This time though, eating was interrupted with a huge giggle fit. One of those *you had to be there* things, but I can't remember laughing that hard or that long in a very long time. My cheeks hurt, my stomach hurt, tears running down my face. It felt really good...especially since I managed to neither spew my drink or choke on it!

Last night was spent snuggling with the cats and a heating pad. Those 4 big buildings and their concrete floors make me creaky. I started the heel flap on a sock. For the first time, I am using reinforcing yarn/thread. It's amazing how much difference that skinny piece of wool makes things. And my fingers kept trying to make each stitch into two. I think now though that they've been accustomed to the feel so hopefully it will go better today.

Today, besides knitting, I need to find my warmer clothes. It's definitely time to haul out the flannel and find my comforter. I can do all that and still pout because I'm not at Rhinebeck, right?




Anonymous said...

It sure sounds like you had a great time getting out. Ah, I miss fun. lol And that fancy cuisine and everything.
Thanks for the info about the thread for the socks. I bought a skein recently that had that spool of thread tucked inside. Novice that I am, I thought someone was trying to steal thread and shoved it inside the skein, until I read the label on the yarn. I'm curious to see how I "react" to using it.
I didn't make it to Rhinebeck. So that makes two of us that I know of...

Anonymous said...

*waves@Dave* That makes four that I know of. Yeah, gotta update at my blog. *L*

Susan, it sounds like you had a wonderful day and a lovely outing. I'm looking foward to seeing the socks and finding out what you think of that thread. I'm not at that point yet, but it's something to think about.


Anonymous said...

Sweetie of course you are allowed to pout, I am, as now it is five of us :-(
Sounds like you had a good day though and hopefully a new teapot and cups, how cool is that?

Ann said...

Yeah, count me in on the pouting crew. I am headed off to do the grocery thing and to pick up some storage boxes to pack away summer clothes. It's time to dig out the winter stuff..boooooo hissssssss



Susan said...

Dave I ended up ripping the whole heel flap and getting that reinforcing stuff out. Perhaps if I did short-row heels it would be a good thing. But my flap heels are already sorta thick and it felt as if I were wearing a big bandage on my heel.

Judging from the comments I've received, there are some very key people missing from Rhinebeck. It's a wonder they didn't cancel it LOL

Susan said...

Cookie, I didn't like it. On the flap heels I do, it just made them way too thick for me. So it was ripout time. Maybe if I ever do short row heels...

I'll be over to your place in a minute. We're a big important group that isn't at Rhinebeck. Maybe next year they'll fly us in so that they can say they truly have all the BEST . Uh huh.

Susan said...

Cat, very cool! And I thought that it was awfully nice of her since she'd never even met me before! Welcome to the pouting group *G*

Susan said...

Ann, I love getting out the flannels and sweats and winter bedding! My biggest problem is that winter stuff takes up more space in my less than good storage home. I like those new great big ziplocs for storing stuff. I can get the double winter comforter and shams and such in one of the huge ones and the *big* work well for clothes. Since I sometimes feel that my memory is less than perfect, it helps to be able to see what's inside!

And, before long we'll all be pouting because you're in Ireland and we're not *G*

~France said...

WoooHooooo ... fun times on the prairie!

Speaking of food, I've been meaning to tell you a Panera Bread opened up right down the street from me! Gonna try some soon ... any suggestions as to what to taste first?

Susan said...

Paris, I've never got anything at Panera that wasn't good, but my favorite is their broccoli/cheese soup in a bread bowl. And of course, a sticky bun for dessert although these are usually gone by lunch time. If there were a Panera down the street from me, I would weigh 80 bazillion pounds!

~France said...

Hahahaaaa ... why ya think I be avoiding it?! LOL

Laura said...

Did I read yarn cake in an earlier post? I think I did!

So, not only am I pouting because Ann is going to Ireland and I won't fit in her luggage, Rinebeck is poutworthy, too. :(

Cold over there, huh? My sister is visting our parents and camping this week! Crazy people. I like it when 'roughing it' means black and white tv, and no room service.

When we travel through the Texas panhandle for any reason, we HAVE to stop at Taco Cabanna for the guacamole. Good guac at the drive thru is amazing.

Earl was good, and you're right, it IS fun to see a show you'd missed when it's rerun in the spring/summer.