Tuesday, October 03, 2006

pushing fate?

so since one pic posted, I'll try to post the bad results I had when trying to knit my regular pattern on #2 needles with Regia Silk striping yarn. And just for Cookie, a repeat of the gratuitous cat paw...my photographic assistant.

So, it kinda looks like using #3 needles might make it work, but I'm going to have to go down in stitches and tighten up my tension or else wear it as a headband *G*


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the paw of your charming assistant. That just cracks me up.

Susan said...

Dave it was so funny. I'd get the knitting arranged and here would come this paw. He was only half awake, and wasn't bothering anything but was quite insistent that his paw was going to be there.

~France said...

Love it! HA! I get that kind of 'help' while beading! Well, a little more than that kind, really. My fur-boy tumped over some liquid silver once and that was reeeal fun finding it all! LOL