Monday, October 02, 2006


So there! Once again I can't put any of my pics up but I'm thinking maybe it's my computer. They apparently start to load and then I get a message that it contains no data. :::sigh::: So I thought I would load them up to photobucket but I can't get there either. It's not to be, I suppose.

On the bright side, I started another pair of socks for Socktober Fest. Regia, blues and browns. Spent much time on the phone last night and fortunately had gotten past the fiddly first two rows so the ribbing went well.

Zoey (my dog) had a vet appointment Saturday. Seems she is in the early stages of congestive heart failure. She's started on meds (including Lasix) and yes, she can pee like a race horse. She did well. One of them had the potential of making her blood pressure drop too much so the vet said to keep an eye on her after the first dose. So, since Saturday had a thousand errands, I gave her the first dose yesterday morning. And, since I was supposed to pay attention to her, we cleaned out more drawers...this time in the dining room. End result, her breathing was easier and two big trash bags left the building.

I'll try for pictures later.

Hope your weekend went well also and that your week is even better.


~France said...

WOW! You can swear with the best of'em, yes you can!! HA! I don't blame ya in the least, since it's soooo frustrating when these #@%& machines get hung up!

Hope you have better luck soon! I like the pictures!

PS: Must be BLOGGER tho, since it's only asking for 5 letters this time! ROFL

Laura said...

I'm sure it's Blogger. Sometimes, I have to post the entry, then add the pictures. What bugs me is when I have several pics to post, but Blogger only lets me do them one at a time. :P

Ann said...

You may not be aware of this, but I read it online, so it has to be true. Mel Gibson is now the CEO of blogger...
'nuff said.

Susan said...

Ann, you just almost made me spew coffee on my keyboard! I don't always really laugh out loud at 5:30 am.

Susan said...

Laura, do you mean that sometimes you can add more than one at a time? I count myself lucky if only one goes! Oh never mind, I had more coffee and reread and now I know what you said *G*