Sunday, October 15, 2006


It's 8:15 here (although it will probably be much later by the time the pic loads) and I have made a big pan of vegetable soup and 18 pumpkin/walnut muffins. The second batch was still in the oven when I took the picture. Later today will be almond/poppyseed muffins I think...and maybe later some cranberry muffins. We shall see. There is going to be a bake sale at work to benefit our sick coworker/friend. And well..the almond and cranberry are new recipes to me so I shall have to sample. I really didn't want that much soup but I don't seem to know how to make a small pot. It has cabbage and onions and carrots and green beans and peas and..uhh I think that's all.

Later I shall be back with more stories from the fiber fest.

Update: I really didn't mean to put this post in Sunday Socks. (it's gone now thank goodness) My socks must be demanding their time on the web.


Kirsten said...

Impressive! It's 10:48 here and all I've managed to do is sit on my butt and knit!
Um, can I come over and have one of those muffins? Yum!

Anonymous said...


It's almost ten-thirty here and I'm still in jammies.

Devorah said...

Gee, by that time today I was still in bed! Way to go!

Susan said...

Sure long as I'm invited to your place for some of your daughter's bread *G*

Susan said...

Cookie, I don't remember saying anything about being dressed. Amazing what you can do in jammies!

Susan said...

Devorah, my burst of energy waned at lunchtime. I decided a quick nap would be the answer. Four hours later I awakened. Ack!