Tuesday, October 03, 2006

once again

I shall try to post a pick of the Levis sock. We shall see. On a dialup it takes a long time, even when it works. So, after writing, I'll go do breakfast dishes and scoop litter and maybe by then, shazamm a picture will appear.

Work was way stressful yesterday. Well, it was only partly the actual work. But our director, a relatively young man was having some majorly big heart surgery. Scary shit! So far, so good :::crossing fingers::::. And so the unknowing of that coupled with a big work load made 5 pm seem like a most wonderful thing.

After the regular after work stuff, supper, dishes yadda yadda, I made a cup of tea and sat down to knit.

Probably 4 rows on the L sock, and a couple on the cryptic stripey sock that nobody could see.. It would be HUGE if I finished it, but somewhere while surfing this morning, I read where someone had made a sock out of this Regia stripey stuff using #3 needles and 48 stitches and it worked. I shall try that. This yarn is slippy, and on metal needles I have to hang on tight (I don't have any #3 bamboo) so it makes my hands hurt a bit.

So, I'm knitting and suddenly realized my hands aren't moving and I have no idea what is on the tv because, I've gone to sleep in the middle of a stitch! Hahaha! I gave it up. Thought to do something else, like water plants, but was yawning so hard. So to bed. At 8:30 pm. What's up with that. Slept through until 5 this morning so I guess I really did need to sleep.

OMG a photo loaded. You can't know how happy that makes me. It's going to be a good day for sure!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo of a great sock in progress.
That same thing happened to me over the weekend: I was knitting while stretched out on the sofa. When I woke up, a couple of stitches had dropped and ran all the way back to the selvedge. Glad you could save yours.

Susan said...

Dave..and another cat tried to get in the picture.

Maybe this evening we can both stay awake for a while *G*