Tuesday, October 17, 2006

New Stuff!

Well of course I had to shop a bit. I was good...I put my spendable cash in my pocket and even came home with some left over. Not because I ran out of things I wanted, but more because I was scaring myself LOL.

First day, I bought a book...for $3 and these batts. I fell in love with the colors. Not that I can spin it, I guess it will serve as inspiration. Although I did see this wonderful bag that someone had crocheted from roving using a great big hook and then felted.

Then I bought some raw wool (no picture yet) and I did scour a bit of it yesterday. I don't think I got enough to really do anything with but it was just wonderful to run my fingers through the curly locks.

There was some yarn that I just loved but it was more expensive than I thought I should spend. I dreamed about it though so on the second day I got it. I thought my subconscious was guiding me. that's my story and I'm sticking to it. I loved that it looks so coarse and feels so soft. It's alpaca and silk and yummy. I started a scarf yesterday but it's not far enough along to really show.

Then when everyone was packing up, I was helping some load their vehicles. Two people that shared a booth had a bunch of books, mostly (I think) from their stash. I know one of them, when questioned why she would sell one of them, said "Because I have 3??" So anyway as we were getting stuff semi-organized Gwen handed me this huge book called "The Weaving, Spinning and Dyeing Book" by Rachel Brown. And then asked me if I wanted it. Qualifying the offer by saying, "It's old and the binding is falling apart, but if you want it you can have it." Of course I said YES. There is soooo much info in it! I took it to the car and then went back to vehicle loading. After carrying the book box outside the other person in the booth, Emmelita, said, "Why don't you pick out a book? You've been such a help" I explained that Gwen had already given me a book and her response was "Well I haven't, so pick one!" It's not nice to argue so I agreed *G*
And chose Folk Bags by Vicki Square and published by Interweave. I'd looked at it a bazillion times over the weekend and was entranced by the variety of bags inside. Lucky me!

By Sunday afternoon, I was tired and really stupid so I didn't get too far in my woven coin purse. Anna, the instructor, was quite patient and gave me yarn to finish with. It's in my project bag and will be a good thing to work on while watching tv. And then all I have to do is to remember how to finish it LOL

Yesterday was spent doing laundry and knitting and watching tv and generally just being a slug. I did finish the cuff on the Levi sock #2, and worked a bit on the scarf and washed a bit of the raw fleece from Todd and napped. And napped, and watched tv and napped. You get the idea :-)

Today it's back to work. Now if I can just concentrate on Medicare paperwork instead of fibery things. Multitasking..that's what I shall do.


Anonymous said...


/falls over from the excitement

Ann said...

I would sooooooooooo much rather be knitting today. I teach tonight, so it will be a late evening..but maybe I can squeeze in a few rows on the Sunny Socks?


P.S. Be careful of falling cookies.


Susan said...

Whew Cookie...at least when you tumped over, you landed on the batts. I knew they were good for something!

One of them worked well as padding for a little sheepy soap dish I got so that it would come home unbroken. Multi-purpose wool! Actually I had no idea how much batt one should buy. But there were 3 so I got them all LOL.

Susan said...

Oh Ann, you busy, busy girl! I do hope you can relax with just a few stitches this evening.

and, umm..I'm glad I was at work when Cookie fell over. I have a sort of talent for catching people and then crashing myself LOL

Laura said...

Oh wow! You did good!

Everyone deserves a slug day once in a while. Just beware of outfitting your favorite chair with wheels and a motor to get to the fridge without having to walk.

Now I'm in the mood to spin...

Kirsten said...

That roving looks good enough to eat! I can't wait to see your spinning.

How nice of those woment to give you the books! Knitters are such generous souls!

Susan said...

Laura, I had such fun just looking at all that was available. OMG I would probably lose my mind if I went to a really BIG wool show. Some had just returned from the Taos Wool Festival..I was in awe *G*

Susan said...

Kirsten, it appears that they really, truly are!

I've thought about just wrapping up in those batts like a mummy. Of course, as soon as I got done the dog would need to go out *L*