Friday, October 13, 2006

Hershey Says...

It's cold!! Well it really isn't but temps in the high 30s did cool off the house and this is what I found when I went in to make my bed. I took the first pic and then thought I'd let him snooze a bit longer. I guess he thought if he went deeper under the covers I would forget about him being there. Sorry Bubby!

After a really fast but difficult week at work, I have today and Monday off. Scheduled for a couple of months and it was probably all that kept me from either screaming at someone or crawling under my desk a la Hershey.

It's going to be an interesting couple of days because it's time for the Okie Fiber group to have their fall retreat. And it's here in my town so I'll be able to sleep in my own bed instead of camping out at the fair building or in a motel. So there will be a bit of $$ left for a vendor.

I neglected to copy my registration so I'm not sure what class I have when; but I think this is my "schedule". This afternoon is "Dyeing" and I think it's with acid dyes. Tonight is beginning drop spindle (and needed since I have forgotten the little bit I learned in the summer). Tomorrow morning it's "Playing with Silk" I know there will be some dyeing involved since I was instructed to bring some kool aid. The woman teaching this raises silk worms so I'm hoping to see some of those little silk hankies that I have read about. There will also be some silk spinning, I think. And then tomorrow afternoon I'm going to weave a coin purse...or at least attempt it. The classes are all quite affordable. The most expensive being $20 and the least $10 and that includes supplies to play with for the most part.

A lot of these folks also are vendors with spindles and wheels and fiber and who knows what else. It will be a chance to find local vendors to support. AND perhaps most importantly, time spent with folks that have interests similar to mine; and outstanding skills.

I am sooooooooooo excited.

It ends Saturday evening I think which will leave me two more days off. We are having a benefit bake sale at work on Wed for my friend who is so ill (went home from the hospital finally yesterday) and I have some muffin recipes I want to try. I hate to experiment on folks who are going to have to spend money, so I thought I would make some on Sunday and run them out to the office on Monday and folks can give me their opinion before I actually bake for the sale.

It's just the bestest weekend! And I hope your Friday goes quickly (unless you have the day off also)


Anonymous said...

I'm with Hershey.

Sounds like a wonder long weekend for you. Not too busy, but not boring. Have a lovely time and take lots of notes/pics!


~France said...

You'll have fun, NO doubt!!

My Shadow cat likes to crawl into jackets [laying around] and he usually ends up in the sleeve! HA! Believe me, quite a surprise when ya go to put it on! LOL

Laura said...

Yep, Claude has been sleeping on our feet at night, instead of nagging for more wet cat food. He's also camped out in front of the space heater. Silly kitty.

I hope you have fun this weekend! What a blast!

Anonymous said...

The Okie Fiber Retreat sounds like great fun! I really want to learn to spin, but haven't yet found someone who can teach me locally.

Susan said...

Cookie it was great fun and I did take notes...but ummm I can't find them. a bad thing since a lot of them had names on them. I suck at remembering what name goes with what face so I made little notes about that too. Thank goodness for name tags!

Susan said...

Paris, oh gosh..that would be shock. That's happened to me sorta but involves crawling into bed and screaming when there's something furry on my foot LOL

Susan said...

Laura, I bet Claude's just worried about your feet getting cold. You know how considerate cats are! ::snort::